Nuclear Winter – After over 10 wins, I want to give my honest thoughts.

fallout 5 - Nuclear Winter - After over 10 wins, I want to give my honest thoughts.

I've been playing this a lot since Nuclear Winter dropped, I'm at Overseer Level 18, have quite a few wins, have had 12 kills as my highest kill game and overall, have had fun playing.

As a Battle Royale fan, I'd like to just give some feedback, as my thanks to the developers for letting us play this, temporarily free game mode. Let me start with the good points.


– Game mode design

The design of this game mode is surprising fresh, there are enemies in the world, that forces players to reveal their location via shooting. You can place turrets and forts to defend areas, there's buffs and even customisation RPG elements. Awesome!

– Pacing

This actually surprised me, the pacing of NW is actually spot on, it doesn't feel like there are too many dull moments, there are early game fights, mid game fights and end game fights, I've never had a match where I haven't really seen many people, and as matches do not take very long, there is a higher frequency of action in NW compared to some other Royale games.

– Card system and unlocks

The Card system is awesome, it feels like unlocking cards gives players actual meaningful unlocks, rather than just a bunch of skins. The cards also feel useful and so far, do not seem too powerful to make the game completely unbalanced.

– The Fire Storm

The Fire Storm truly looks and feels great, it is a wall of death, as it should be. When the storm is coming in NW, you truly do feel a sense of urgency to escape, you do not want to be stuck in there for long at all. The radiation buildup is a great idea to really drive home that players want to completely avoid the storm.


I'd now like to touch on what I feel are problems with the game, and give some of my suggestions on how this game can be improved, I know the game is new, but feedback is essential in online games and I can only hope that the developers can gather as much feedback as possible during this beta period.


– Hit and Hurt Impactfulness / Visuals / Sounds

I feel like this has to be my main problem with the game. The game lacks impact when shooting or being shot. I feel like there actually is hit SFX, but they are so low that you can barely hear them. If it weren't for damage numbers, I feel like I wouldn't be able to tell if I was hitting somebody, at all.

Compared to games like Apex Legends, when you shoot someone or are shot at, it has a really good feeling of impact, it really feels like you're hitting something, whereas when I'm shooting people or being shot by people in Fallout 76, it feels, sounds and looks like the bullets are just passing through me like I'm made of paper.

I would like them to add more distinct SFX and visuals to successfully landed hits.

– Weapon Balancing

I can't speak for PC, but on console, it feels like every gun that is not a full automatic, is completely useless. As there is no aim-assist in this game, being precise with shots on controller is extremely difficult compared to games like Apex Legends, which has Aim Assist.


At the moment, it truly feels like there are around 5 good guns (Excluding the rare weapons from Scorchbeasts). Both Assault Rifles, the Laser Rifle, the Radium Rifle and the 50 cal LMG.

Every other gun in the game feels completely outclassed by these guns, by both damage and effective use.

– Duplicate and RNG Card Rewards

As I became higher level, the frequency of duplicate cards started to increase quite a lot, at Level 18, I feel like so far I've had somewhere around 5-10 duplicate cards already, and my friends have unlocked cards that I don't have, and I have unlocked cards that they don't have.

I'm not sure the exact extent of how RNG this is, and if certain cards are guaranteed at certain levels, or not – but if this is totally RNG like it seems it is, then this system is really, really bad, as specific cards can be denied from players, simply due to RNG.

– Lobby Wait Timer

I understand that the wait timer is there to allow players time to change their cards, etc. But this timer reminds me of the original PUBG lobby, wait 1-2 minutes to find a match, then wait another 2-3 minutes for the match to start, then wait for loading times.

Theres a good 5 minutes of waiting between every single match, meaning if you play 12 matches, that is an entire HOUR of waiting. It is way, way too much waiting, and for me personally it is having quite a bad negative effect on the game overall.

The wait timer in the lobby needs to be cut down, or removed entirely. I would have it that once 50+ players are in the lobby, the timer simply cuts down to 10-20 seconds. If necessary, add an option on the main menu, or in adventure mode to allow players to change their card loadout for NW, outside of the lobby.

– The Lack of a Pinging System.

Apex Legends started the trend, others are following. A pinging system is a must have in Battle Royale games now, please consider adding something to NW.

– Free to Play?

I'm not sure what the developers plan on, but I would definitely suggest a Free to Play model for this game mode. Similar to what Fortnite did with their Battle Royale, keeping Fallout 76 overall a Buy-to-Play game is perfectly fine, but I personally believe to keep this game mode alive, this mode needs to remain free.

The game mode is great fun, but there are so many Free-To-Play Battle Royale games now, and the market is very competitive, I don't see this mode competing with any of the others if it does not remain free. Just my opinion…


That's all for now, I want to keep this list pretty short and just focus on what I've found are my main problems. Overall I think the game mode is pretty good and I can easily see myself spending quite a lot of this week playing it!

Good job Developers!

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