Nuclear Winter Bugs — All Platforms

fallout 2 - Nuclear Winter Bugs -- All Platforms

Some of these are complaints, and some of these need to be handled by Bethesda yesterday. I've personally observed all of these on PS4. I'm in my mid 100s and I fire run. All. The. Time. I love the game. I'm not a salty player. I die all the time. It's a mechanic of the game. Most of these are not mechanics of the game intended by design and need to be handled.

Rad-X does not work in NW. Only Hazmat or Power Armor works.

Bufftats while used in the fire usually does nothing.

Adrenaline as a perk does not work in NW.

All AI are too OP now after the last major update.

The Gauss Shotgun is too powerful and should be nerfed. So should M79 Grenade Launchers.

M79 Grenade Launchers can double tap a single shot to fire two shots.

People can stealth boy out of a nuke or jump into water to avoid a nuke. Also, people who are downed while in a nuke do not die to the nuke and their team can run in and revive them.

Tank Killer seems to now work on 10mm Submachine Guns and Auto Laser Pistols.

VATS'ing grenades is ruining NW. It's a cheap mechanic to die by. Lots of people consider this a cheat. Probably just take VATS out of NW as you can't VATS players and the AI — it doesn't matter because they're so powerful you just need to run from a Grafton if you're too close and underpowered.

Power Armor can sometimes randomly go invisible.

You can bunny jump a jump right at the right time to avoid fall damage or staggering.

Ghoulish can sometimes just not work if you're trying to farm briefcases in Arktos on Morgantown or anywhere outside the fire in the first circle. (No, briefcases in Arktos do NOT need to be removed and you should add the ones back to Wade Airport).


A nuke taking 20-22 seconds to drop is absolute garbage for those who do fire run, or consistently run briefcase detector, or just happen to come upon a briefcase. Dropping a nuke shouldn't allow people without a run perk to get out of the nuke especially if they're centered. I've dropped hundreds of nukes. The timing is garbage.

People REALLY want a new map. The map data is in the game files, Bethesda. We've seen them. We know. Take voting out and random rotate more than 2 maps. Or something? Please?

Having AI spawn right on top of you randomly is also BS. Especially now that they're OP. All it takes are two dogs or a ghoul right at the wrong time to kill you in three-four hits. A bloatfly might as well have a picture next to D The Rock.

People can join group to someone in adventure while downed and cause themselves to disconnect and take all loot with them and rob someone of a kill.

People using Cronus Max's are able to do a multitude of scripts and bot techniques to adjust recoil, bunny jump, et al.

Clip glitch where someone can swap a larger sized weapon for a smaller sized weapon (50 cal to a double barrel shotgun for example) that allows someone to swap the clip size and allow them to fire at a rate above intended and fire more than two shots (in the 50/double example, it allows for 100 rounds to be held in the shotgun's clip). You can do this with almost any combination of weapon and it also can be replicated in adventure mode. Sucks when someone has a crossbow and does this.

Again, I love the game. I may not have played it as much with COVID not happening, but the community draws me back constantly despite these issues.

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