Nuclear Winter has been an absolute slap in the Communities face.

fallout 5 - Nuclear Winter has been an absolute slap in the Communities face.

I remember watching the trailer roll out at E3 a year and a half ago. I remember the overwhelming excitement my friends and I felt seeing the fire roll across the bridge at the Gorge, people running for their lives.

When it came out? LORD help me, I had so much fun. I ended up meeting so many amazing people. Met my best friend through the mode. She started a whole page for the mode on Facebook and invited me to help her keep the unruly gremlins in check. Lovable gremlins, but still. NW became my favorite place to be.

But now our only additional map came about 6 months after the original. Our last update to the mode was with Wastelanders. Which, yes, fixed some year old bugs, but it also just added more.

Sure, you fixed the ability to survive an m79 to your own feet but you then broke it and now people can pop off 10 rounds at one time? Like, come on. Don't even get me started on the imbalance you added to the game with the gauss shotty.

The biggest slap has been the overall neglect in terms of content. As far as the community as a whole goes, the NW community is the quietest. We take what you give us and we don't speak up about much.

But, enough is beyond enough. We've had 2 maps since launch. Just two. There's been no quality of life improvement since Morgantown dropped. We're still dealing with day 1 bugs. We send in bug report after report but nothing changes. Many of us have stopped reporting anything and walked away from the mode & game entirely.


If you're still with me here, let's talk about rebranding the accessibility of the game mode. Make Nuclear Winter 100% free, not just accessible through game pass. Set it as it's own seperate option. Give new players the option to download the mode with a permanently accessible trailer to adventure mode. Update it to include new content. Show them what they could have if they were to purchase the game or download it via game pass. This will increase game pass sales, potential full game sales, and most importantly for Bethesda right now, atomic shop sales.

One of the biggest complaints I heard from Adventure mode players was the locked content during holiday events. This is so simple to fix. Give both modes the same exact content behind the same exact requirements. X amount of XP will unlock the rewards in its respected modes. This will prevent adventure players from being forced to play a mode they're not comfortable in just to get the rewards that are used in their preferred mode. In addition, it will allow them to enter into NW on their own terms. Giving them a better chance at finding their own comfort in the game mode.

I would continue on and name all of the bugs related to the mode but I'm sure I've lost most, if not all of you already, so I'll just end with this.

Adventure mode isn't your only game mode. You wouldn't buy two plants but only water one twice in a year & a half and be surprised if it died on you? Don't do that to us.

The community deserves better.

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