Nuclear winter needs a major update

fallout 3 - Nuclear winter needs a major update

Nuclear Winter Needs a Major Update….

Ok so call me crazy but Nuclear Winter has so much untapped potential and I feel like if they paid a little more attention to it and gave it a proper update with new perk cards, weapons, armor, aid items Etc.

Bethesda need to add a few things into NW To help balance it and make it more enjoyable and fun for all different play types.

Here are some things I think would make Nuclear Winter a better BR and a lot more fun to play….

There’s a lack of aid items to Regen AP

Aid items – Nuka Colas – Cherry/Quantum/Grape/Wild Chems – Berry Mentats

Nuka Cola – 15HP Regen, 5 AP Regen ( 25, 10) w/ Cola Nut

Nuka cherry – 30HP Regen , 10 AP Regen ( 45,15) w/ Cola Nut

Quantum – 50HP Regen , 15 AP Regen (65,20) w/ Cola Nut

Grape – 90HP Regen , 45 AP Regen ( 105,50) w/ Cola Nut

Wild – 125HP Regen, 60 AP Regen ( 155, 75) w/ cola nut

Each last for 45 seconds and 90 seconds with Cola Nut

Berry Mentats – all living people/creatures that are within a 20m radius glow purple with 10% weapon accuracy lasts for 1 min

DeNerf – put stealth back to what it was before nerfed and add in Berry Mentats as a counter

Tesla rifle – put Tesla rifle back to specs before nerfed but significantly lower the drop rate. ( I’ve gotten 3 Tesla rifles in a row before the nerf shouldn’t of been that easy to get.)

Frog Legs – put back to how it was before nerfed but uses 5 AP per jump

Buffs – Buff AP. AP should increase as you level up with a with a max AP of 140-160

*Alcohol Aid items*

Beer,Vodka,NukaShine, ballistic bock, high voltage hefe , tick blood tequila

Beer – 10% melee dmg , 5 AP Regen @ 30 seconds

Vodka – 25% melee dmg , 15 AP Regen @ 30 seconds

Nukashine – 40% melee/ energy / ballistic weapon dmg & 30 AP Regen @ 90 seconds and decreases ballistic / energy / melee weapon accuracy

Ballistic Bock – 30% ballistic weapon dmg decreased accuracy

High Voltage Hefe – 30% energy weapon dmg decreased accuracy

Tick blood Tequila – 15% melee dmg , melee attacks replenish health decreases accuracy

Nuka Cola ( blue crate ) Nuka Cherry ( yellow crate ) Nuka Quantum ( orange crate ) Nuka Wild ( Elite AI Drop / Terminal Aid package )

Perk Cards – Cola Nut, Fire Proof, Revenant , Tormentor, traveling pharmacy , sturdy frame, Pannapictagraphist, PerceptiBobble, Fire in the Hole, Concentrated fire, party boy/girl, quack surgeon

*Cola Nut – Makes Nuka Cola much more effective

*Fire Proof – 30% resistance to explosives and fire

*Revenant – 25% dmg buff when revived for 45 seconds immune to all dmg for you and teammate that’s reviving you for 5 seconds ( Only the player being revived gets the dmg buff)

*Tormentor – 10% chance to cripple player with shotgun or rifles.

*Traveling pharmacy – Chem weight reduced by 50%


*Sturdy frame – Armor weight reduced by 25%

*Pannapictagraphist – You hear directional audio when in range of a Magazine.

*PerceptiBobble – You hear directional audio when in range of a Bobblehead

*Fire in the hole – grenades are thrown 25% farther

*Concentrated Fire – 10% damage & accuracy bonus when aiming down sights on any weapon.

*Adamantium Skeleton – all dmg taken is reduced by 30% and reduces limb dmg

*Party boy/girl – Alcohol twice effective

*Quack surgeon – revive teammates with alcohol. Revived teammate gets 10% dmg increase to all weapons @ 60 seconds 5 AP Regen @ 30 seconds decreases weapon accuracy @ 5 seconds ( doubles with party boy/girl)

Add Legendary perk cards 12-15 points

Vampire – All weapon attacks give Health Regen when hitting a target ( rifles 0.5 Regen melee 15 Regen )

Mutant – When mutated All weapon attacks do 15% more damage. +5% damage increase for each mutation. Weapon accuracy significantly decreased ( Class Freak reduces weapon accuracy negative effect of this perk )

Acid Rain – All weapon attacks inflict poison damage to opponent after attack for 10 seconds. ( perk has 1 min cool down before it goes into effect again)

Revealing Enemies on terminal should show a UAV Map in top right corner for live player movement. and show players last position on the big map

Add a terminal option for armor

Add in Combat, Raider and Leather armor sets.

Add Higher Damage and Energy resistance to marine and combat and make terminal armor options

Remove Wood Armor, 50 cal, Assaultron Head, Gauss Rifle.

Add – Raider or Leather Armor , Plasma guns, Flamer, LMG, Fixer, Gamma Gun, FatMan.

Perk card points system – make cards have different levels of effectiveness like in adventure mode so you can use cards like adrenaline, gun runner , and frog legs together or come up with a better point system that allows you to use any card variations that doesn’t restrict you from using certain cards cause you’re limited to 15 points max.

The animation for a player that’s getting revived when they stand up needs to happen faster and without such a long pause once they stand up. Also reviving a player should be a quick stab animation and a no stimpak revive should be the current revive animation. Both players should get 2-3 seconds immunity with stimpak revive and 5-7 seconds with stimpak extra ( or make a perk card call “immune unity” giving immunity for 5 seconds to both players when reviving/revived)

This is all I could think of that would make a great update to Nuclear Winter at the moment. if you guys agree that NW is over due for a proper update let try to get some if not all these things above added. Also what would you like to see added, taken out, buffed, nerfed etc.

Xxr3dcl0udxX – GT (Xbox)

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