Nuka Dark Rum is a total scam – just like the canvas bag

fallout 7 - Nuka Dark Rum is a total scam - just like the canvas bag

I'll start off with a photo of the "bottle" in question

I saw a post about this the other day, but I wanted to bring it back up for more visibility.

An email was sent out to anyone that purchased the Nuka Dark Rum declaring that the bottling company had finalized the packaging and production and was preparing to ship.

Included in the email is a video of the final bottle. It's just a regular rum bottle with a plastic Nuka Cola bottle sheath around it. I didn't expect the rum itself to be any different – I think the idea that they'd have some kind of uniquely flavored rum for a game is pretty outlandish. What I did expect, though, is to have a cool display piece. This isn't that. This is a pretty obvious minimal effort/expense product designed to trick suckers like me into spending money. None of the marketing material for this product suggested that the Nuka Cola shaped bottle was, in fact, a plastic container. I was, and I suspect I'm not alone in this, under the impression the Nuka Cola bottle was the actual bottle. Which is why I purchased it.


As if the game being unfinished and the canvas bag debacle weren't disappointment enough, now we've got this too.

I'm really disillusioned, and I absolutely intend to do whatever I can to get a refund. I do highly recommend anyone else who feels the same make the effort to get their money back as well.

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