Nuka Worlds Climate – A Theory and Discussion

fallout 6 - Nuka Worlds Climate - A Theory and Discussion

I was recently replaying Nuka World. While travelling along the outskirts, hunting the wildlife, I looked down into the valley and noticed something interesting. The landscape in the valley was drastically different from the landscape along the mountain ranges. On the and around the mountains, the dirt was dark and rich. Elms and blasted pines ssattered about. It actually looked a lot like Fort Hagan. Down the mountain, in the valley however, the dirt was dry and cracked, with clear signs of drought. The occasional elm popped up here and there, but most of the trees were shriveled logs, or contorted fungal trees. This led me to believe that there's some major factor seperating the climate in the valley of Nuka World, from the rest of the Massachusetts.

Images – Looking into the Valley from the Mountains

g7nXVcq - Nuka Worlds Climate - A Theory and Discussion

cuyuhUf - Nuka Worlds Climate - A Theory and Discussion

Nuka World has always been known to be a very arid, dry place, but lots of people never really knew why. Here's some theories that could explain it.

Theory 1: Deforestation

Nuka World was likely built in quote a remote location. A location, that would have been a host to lots of wildlife that would have to be leveled in order for the construction of a theme park. Now it's clear that Nuka World wasn't dry in pre war times, as we can see that the Nuka World map depicts green grass and trees. It was very likely transformed into a grassy valley after the deforestation, so how does this play into it becoming so arid? Small scall climate change. I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but there have been situations in real life where deforestation changes the climate in an area on a small scale. Multiply this with nuclear Armageddon, and that sounds like a recipe to create a drought ridden valley. Not to mention the inactive dam, which feeds into the second theory.


Images – Nuka Worlds Arid Landscape

bmTPdtV - Nuka Worlds Climate - A Theory and Discussion

Theory 2: Inactive Water Dam

Near the town of Bradberton, the player can see an inactive water dam. This used to be a power dam by the looks of it, and ever since the great war, the dam has been deactivated, holding the water back from flowing into the valley below. At the base of the dam, trees a river home to mirelurks. This river has clearly tried up to some extent over time, but still trickles through the valley. It's possible that this flow of water was aiding in the health of the valleys flora, as aside from that one river, there's no other bodies of water in Nuka World. This, combined with the first theory, sounds like the perfect recipe for an arid armageddon.

Images – Base of the Dam

bnLpDx7 - Nuka Worlds Climate - A Theory and Discussion

So there you have it. Those are my theories, or collective theory on why Nuka Worlds Climate and landscape is so different from the Commonwealth. I'd love to think that Bethesda planned it out this way, but hey, they probably just wanted a cool change in atmosphere. Let me k ow what you think. Agree with me? Disagree with me? Have a different theory? Am I looking way to much into this?

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