Nuked WS Clubhouse with a combat knife.

fallout 6 - Nuked WS Clubhouse with a combat knife.

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​Logged in yesterday at one point to do a resupply run. I needed to make some more radaway diluted, healing salves, stimpacks and disease cures. When I got on I saw a nuked WS and thought sure lets do a run there first and add some Flux to the crafting mix.

Started at the train station and worked my way down the housing row on the north side. Once I got to the end near the Clubhouse I heard some shots and looked at the map rq to see a lvl 14 in the Clubhouse parking lot area. I headed that way and found them with a hunting rifle being backed-up into the tennis court by 2 bloated ones. I'm running a PA heavy and I blasted the ground at the feet of the ghouls with my VE LMG to cripple them and give the lvl 14 a chance to get away. The 14 gets into the tennis court and more ghouls start pouring forth. I tried for a bit as they kept coming to just keep ground shooting and crippling but unfortunately the lvl 14 got backed against the net at one point and killed with no revive option.

About this point a lvl 50-51 I think shows up I believe with I believe a TS something or a shotty(I saw more than 1 bullet but couldn't be sure, was a little busy 📷​). Ghouls are continuing to swarm the tennis court outta the Clubhouse and we soon had all of them with us in this enclosed area. I kept blasting away at the ground into the mess of them trying to cripple everything if I could and just tag things to share. Then I started to see health bars jumping from hurt to full.

I've been a long time tesla user and experienced the "no ranged dmg bug" multiple times before almost always in a mass mob situation. Personally I think it has something to do with doing to much damage to quickly. I see grey damage bars being replaced by full normal health meters and think great here we go again. So at this time I believe the lvl 14 is back and parked on a bus the lvl 50 is inside the tennis court with me and I realize I'm bugged. I called out I was range bugged over the mic and swap to my V combat knife I keep for just these situations.


I don't know how many total mobs hide there in the Clubhouse but here I am with like 30 bloated ones chasing me and this lvl 50 back and forth on the tennis courts and I'm swinging my healing toothpick like mad. I don't know how long this lasted for had to be at least 20+ min. I was running back and forth across the court, marsupial jumping the net and surrounding gates to break up the mob while trying to target low health mobs for few quick vats hits before being swamped and jumping away again. I was down to a sliver of life repeatedly seriously have no idea how I managed to survive. I must have looked like Bugs Bunny on crack re-enacting a Benny Hill skit. Neither of the other 2 players had comms but when they weren't running for their lives(or maybe even while they were), they must have been laughing their asses off.

We finally get down to like 5-7 mobs, I'm out of diluted radaway and healing salves and I decided to pull my LMG back out to see if I'm still bugged and low and behold things died when I shot them yippy! We finished off the remaining mobs, thumbs up all round and started looting. 3 legendaries I think amidst the mess of meat piles and one of the more intense experiences I've had so good fun.

Then I go pick some Rayodendron from around the tennis court and I see another legendary at the house by the pool. I tagged it and called it out on the mic for the lvl 14 who was still close by. Fearing I might bug I go at the 2 of them that came at us with the combat knife but apparently used up all my luck earlier cause they ended up getting me. I did manage to get back for all my loot though so wooty woot there.

If either of the 2 players who were with me see this, hope you all had fun and got some good stuffs. 10/10 for good times but seriously I'd rather not try that again. 📷​ Also I've never had the dmg bug fix itself before. I think I was never actually bugged but that there were so many mobs I was seeing them jump in front of each other replacing 1 mob's health bar with that of another and wrongly assumed I was bugged. Oops sorry for that. 📷​

The moral of the story is…everyone who uses ranged primary should carry a backup Vampires fast melee weapon for just these situations.

Also if anyone has a V SS or V SS +1agi combat knife let me know. My backup could use an upgrade. 📷​

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