Odd things I’ve noticed since the patch to Fallout 76

fallout 3 - Odd things I've noticed since the patch to Fallout 76

Should probably start out by saying that I may not play as much as many of you. I work and go to school so I don't always have a chance to play though I do feel the drastic changes after the patch.

The first thing I noticed is the sheer amount of high level enemies that spawn almost on top of each other. This will usually result in them fighting.

While visiting the Whitespring Golf Club I encountered 1 Deathclaw, a Yao Guai, a high level ghoul, and a high level ragstag all in the same area of the club.

Eventually the Deathclaw fought the ghoul(and his ghoul pals) only to be attacked from behind by the Yao Guai.

This was an area I had previously been too before the patch and I never come across any of them before.

And this happened over and over again.

I found Super Mutants battling 2 Yao Guai and a high level wolf.

I would stumble upon about 6 Yao Guai that murdered me instantly.

I'm all for higher ranked enemies and a challenge but it's just really frustrating if they are spawning so close to one another.

Tactics of some of the enemies have drastically changed for me as well.


There is a camp that is located in a dry riverbed that always has Super Mutants. I usually hit it to gain experience and collect ammo and other things.

I know their tactics pretty well. Usually there are two kinds of Super Mutants. Ones that shoot at you from a distance with a rifle and others with melee weapons. Every once in awhile I'd get an explosive thrown my way. Standard stuff.

Well after the patch the tactics drastically changed.

I usually start my assault from the outside and work my way in, picking off the rest from there.

This time, instead of staying back the Rifle Mutants blast away, charging forth while lobbing plenty of explosives while their Melee Mutant brethren charge forth as well. Before I knew it, the whole camp was heading towards the rock I was using for cover.

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I'm not to upset over this change. I'll just have to find a new tactic to counter theirs. Big deal. It's just odd though.

I'm sorry if these have been covered before on here. I try to stay up to date with what's going on with Fallout 76 but needless to say I still fall behind.

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