Ok Bethesda I’ve got (3) problems that are driving me crazy, Rubber Banding, PVP Exploits, and this weird thing with my “Mules”

fallout 4 - Ok Bethesda I've got (3) problems that are driving me crazy, Rubber Banding, PVP Exploits, and this weird thing with my "Mules"

First Issue is the "Rubber Banding" that started with Patch 6:

No, it's not my Router, or my ISP, or my PC.

On very stable and fast fiber, near a node, have done the basic troubleshooting involved with ensuring it's not on my end. I know this has been an ongoing issue for some more than others, but other than a rare rubberbanding entering a building AFTER logging in, I can't remember seeing it before now.

Post Patch 6 it's non-stop, everywhere I go, but only really an issue on my level 332 character, and it's making me Motion Sick, which has never happen to me in 25+ years of video game fun.

What is odd is my other characters, lvl 36 and lvl 86, or any of the low level mules, don't suffer from it with the exception of the same just logging in and entering a building conditions.

A few other people have mentioned seeing similar things, so I'm hoping it will be looked at.

Second Issue is the PVP Exploits & Issues that still haven't been addressed:

More than happy to ignore most of the problems, as I don't PvP, but since Sunday…

I've had my Alt's Camps Destroyed a total of 9 times now in 2 days.

My Camps are "Expensive" trading Outposts with Neon, multiple benches, Heavy Laser Turrets (Don't get me started on how ineffective turrets are atm) crops and purifiers for all my Customers to use.

Blocking people isn't the answer and doesn't work for a number of Reasons…

1) The "Griefers" Usually work in packs.

A lower level "bait" player with several higher level characters waiting in the wings, so any response results in 2 to 3 higher level Bloodied Build's executing you and all your team mates.

Even consider defending yourself / camp and it's a auto-lose.

2) Logout Process is too Long in this case….

Even if I start immediately, I usually loose 70% of the camp.

3) They are not stupid, and stay crouched almost the entire time.

Including while attacking your camp, and the players waiting to jump you when you even consider defending yourself are also crouching.

As a result, they can't be blocked, because of the Mechanic you set up regarding crouching, also keeps them from showing up in your "Recent" Social Tab.

4) They Seem to server hop to find you.

And lets be honest folks, there appear to be fewer active Server Instances, because I'm seeing the same faces frequently, who aren't on my friends list.

This results in it being easy enough for them to as a group server hop until they find you again.

Got glitched into PvP and lost days of work farming Junk and Fluxes while in Passive Mode more than once.

All of my Accounts are in Passive mod, Yes I check, no, I'm not an idiot, No, I'm not claiming workshops.

With the Rubber-Banding issue mentioned above I've been hanging out in one spot just farming, because if I move far / fast travel it gets work.

There are a couple known PvP Exploits:

1) Reactive Plates has yet to be fixed.

This Exploit that can result in Forcing a Kill, from a Passive Player wearing a Torso with this mod, resulting in a Bounty and Their whole group being fair game. I know I know, the Community will say "Don't use the mod" but personally like Reactive plates on my "Mules" and secondary account because it means I have to micromanage less, as most enemies (NPC's and now Players) kill themselves after a swing or two.

This alone resulted in Deaths on my Primary (level 332) and one of my alts, and days of lost progress, this week.

2) The Mutations should have side effects, but it should not include "Slap Damage" being lethal to the Defender.

Unstable Isotope and Electrically charged can and will "Proc" when attacked, while in passive, from Slap damage.

With a Hostile Player swinging. The last time this occured I went through 20 Stimpacks in just a couple minutes (I'm a non-Bloodied Build character in Power Armor, again level 332)

3) Mutations sometimes seem to trigger PvP, even while in Passive Mode.


Not grouped, players have swung and swung for minutes at a time, forcing me to to consume stimpaks, and every so often suddenly I'm damaging them via Mutations, and become an open target for Hostilities.

Had this happen once so far, but again lost a couple days of "farming" work.

4) Got "Exploited" into PvP Resulting in a few characters getting their stockpiles of Junk taken, or it's lag on your end.

Passive Mode Players are in a group, being attacked by Hostile Players being the griefers they are of late…

Player A from the Passive Group drops group to respond, attacks and Kills the Hostile Player.

Players B – D from the Passive Group, no longer having "Player A" in the group, somehow become valid targets for "Revenge" even though "Player A" left the group atleast 10 seconds before starting the Offensive.

I've seen this twice in the past couple weeks.

I don't want to PvP, and don't want to be FORCED into it.

Especially true until you rebalance the entire system, most importantly completely removing some Legendaries from use in PvP (I'm looking at you Assassin's/Sentinel gear, you never should have made it past QA).

Just want to enjoy the Wasteland and rebuild it with others, as promised at E3.

Third and last there is the weird thing with my overweight mules…

Maybe others will chime in, but all of my "Mules" who are more than 5k overweight get attacked inside 2 minutes when logging in, and Before you pile on the down-votes, having "Mules" is an age old practice for players of MMO's.

Happens 9/10 times when logging in. Usually happens before they finish logging in, sometimes resulting in Death before you get control of the character

Had the same "Trading Outpost" location since the B.E.T.A., I with (4) separate camps built there, one for each character holding an item type (Weapons, Power Armor, Armor, Aid & Junk) I've been trying to sell and give away. There are no Spawn Points right next to it, wedged carefully between a few key locations, it's a non-offensive (non-WhiteSprings) location, and I can count on one hand the number of times before Patch 6 their camps were assaulted, and I'm one of the shamefully active players.

I thought it was related at first to the "Mothman" event, then I noticed it was usually SuperMutants or Scorched, only happening to the accounts significantly encumbered, and specifically the Mules over 5k Burden, especially 20K plus, get attacked almost instantly when logging in.

Even after I could replicate it on my Overweight characters, I didn't mind so much, just changed my behavior to make sure my Main was there as well during logon….

That was until one of them, with over 40,000 pounds of Junk I've collected since the B.E.T.A. got killed before she finished logging in, I assume without the Engine Calculating the Power Armor DR because I watched in horror on my other account as she was cut down in 2 strokes by a SuperMutant that spawned Literally on top of her….

Spending 7 Real Life hours scrambling to recover what I could, about 1/3rd of it, was not only frustrating as hell and demoralizing as heck, it also resulted in me getting another account to avoid only recovering 1/10th of it as all my characters are either overweight or flirting with it…

Before the Hater's jump in…

With Weight Reduction Perks, and Armor, that is a total burden of about 3,275 pounds, but I didn't think it would be necessary to spend hours leveling up an Alt just to hold the same amount of Junk either way.

Again, I'd call this just bad luck, except the 4th character, who just currently holds plans, with a camp in the exact same spot, and is not overweight, has had this happen exactly ZERO times, and when I used a second account to build a clone of the camp (Blueprinted) in the same spot, they were attacked exactly ZERO times.

Ok, Rant off.

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