Ok Bethesda, what does “we pass this on to the team” actually mean?

fallout 2 - Ok Bethesda, what does "we pass this on to the team" actually mean?

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No offense, but everytime I read this comment I find myself wondering who that team actually is.

Do these people even play the game they're making decisions for?

Who decided that there has to be a CAP on everything? 30000 Caps, 1000 Scrip, 5000 Gold.

Who decided that there has to be a limit for everything? 150 Scrip a day (plus another 50 from dailies), 1400 Caps a day, 200 gold a day.

Who decided, that on top of this, none of that rolls over? I can't play for a day and I literally missed all of the above daily limits. Why is this not, at the very least, implemented to a weekly pool?

How is this fun or engaging in any way?

Who decided that the RNG absolutely HAS to hate you?

We have 23 Major prefixes, 10 Major modifiers and 12 minor modifiers. You don't have to be a genius to figure out that getting the one weapon you want will take absurd amounts of time. It's similar for armor.

Unless you are lucky enough to find one in a vending machine and part with your caps.

Or you are willing to spend real money, which I absolutely refuse to do.

Who decided that levelling up, or the SCORE system, has to be a linear growth?

Did no one, at any point, stand up and say "Stop it, this is enough!". Did no one ever consider that all these stupid exploits and glitches happen so much because the RNG, CAPS and Limits in this game significantly lower the threshold at which people will just throw in the towel and roll with it? When the latest exploit came around I found myself shrugging and moving on because I literally no longer care.


Again, no offense, I know you are doing your best but "we pass this on to the team" feels, at this points, about as effective as yelling at clouds.

This game feels more and more like a second job.

Edit: Since some people seem to not get it or simply miss the point:

  1. I do enjoy the game, however there are issues and talking about them should not be a taboo.
  2. A bit more communication between the Devs and us can't hurt and should not be dismissed as being an unreasonable request. We supply feedback, feedback gets passed along, can we get some info back? Not for everything, obviously, only the important stuff.
  3. There has never been any explanation for any of the design decisions with the exception of the stash limit, which exists due to engine limitations. The rest? We got it served and are expected to live with it, no questions asked.

Edit 2: Thank you for the award, kind stranger. 🙂

Edit 3: Once again, this is NOT an attack on the CMs. Considering the circumstances, they do a fantastic job. All this post is about is to get a bit more communication out of Bethesda and the people who are fine with the defeaning silence on just about every single issue, question, problem we have, feel free to not reply and move along.

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