Ok Vault boys, quit your complainin’

fallout 4 - Ok Vault boys, quit your complainin'

Since noone on here seems to want to just admit the truths I'll do it and probably get DV'd so quick it'll make my head spin. But hell to it all.

  1. There is no such thing as an "Unbeatable Meta" in this game. Even before the Sent/ass/Cav nerf. There's a thing called "Staggering" which anyone can do, with any weapon, thanks to perk cards. Try using that sometime and you'll realize staggers cause those in any kind of armor to lose that protection immediately for the time they're staggered, meaning you can tear right through them. Also VATs Crits punch right through armor buffs unhindered.
  2. Survival mode is PvP, quit your complaining into my ear about how long it took you to gather your materials or how "This isn't how the game is meant to be played". If you dislike it adventure mode exists for you to wrap yourself in cotton wool and ignore PvP.
  3. TSE is not the strongest. Don't even kid yourself there, most actual PvPers will use Furious, Bloodied, Assassins, Mutants, Instigating or Executioners. TSE is inaccurate as all hell and usually just there to deal with chumps or be used as "Shock and Awe" tactics.
  4. You can beat those with meta gear if you know how to get around it. I run *unduped* meta gear which I collected myself and can be toppled if I'm caught off guard or face someone who knows what they're doing, heck, I've been beat by someone using a 1* weapon most would turn in for scrip.
  5. Stealth boys suck, yet no one complains about them. Let's be real.
  6. Power Armor is literally telling a PvPer like me "HEY GUYS, I HAVE A LOT OF LOOT ON ME AND I HAVE 0 CLUE HOW TO ACTUALLY FIGHT". You are worse off than a person without power armor to an actual PvPer because we stock cards/weapons/items which run off %s, so your ER/DR doesn't mean jack shit. Plus you have a massive VATs weakspot on your back I'll target immediately.
  7. While on the subject of Power Armor, you're loud as fuck and cannot sneak in it. So don't go thinking I couldn't hear your fat ass trundling a mile behind me.
  8. If I engage you in PvP you can be damn sure I'm destroying your CAMP, don't even pretend you wouldn't do the same if you won the fight.
  9. If you're in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you're a target everyone's coming for, quit complaining when you get taken out (Also level doesn't matter here, if you're level 5 or 500, I'm going to kick your ass along with a lot of others).
  10. Enjoy your day, although I suppose you won't after reading this and will no doubt write nonsense paragraphs disputing this.
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