One month of Daily Ops Rewards: February 2021

fallout 8 - One month of Daily Ops Rewards: February 2021

Results for the previous two months:

December 2020

January 2021

Some observations on the rewards

Steel Dawn came out on December 1st, and it took me until February 1st to get every piece of BOS Recon Armor. I got the complete set in January, but I was still missing the helmet. I also got the Hellstorm Missile Launcher plan this month, which was the last non tradable reward I was missing. So there folks, 2.5 months to get all non tradable rewards. Obviously, the more I play, the less likely I get a reward I've never earned before. But there are still three rewards I've never earned: the Meat Bag Stash Box plan, the X-01 Scorched Paint plan and the Super Mutant Tube plan. Since these are tradable, I was able to get them through trading or from player vendors. They have the same drop rate as the non tradable rewards, so I could still be missing 3 non tradable plans just as well. After 3 months of playing daily, I understand the frustration expressed by players still missing non tradable rewards. As I've earned more non tradable rewards, my loot pool has also shrunk, so I'm getting a lot of plans for signs. I'm also getting bored with Daily Ops since there are no new rewards. It's getting repetitive, and I've done it so many times that it's no longer a challenge, just a tedious task that allows me to farm some ammo, and hope at a decent legendary item, the elder rank reward is no longer a motivating factor at this point. I'm very much looking forward to a new Daily Ops challenge with a new rewards pool.

Finally, the bug showing the rewards screen with all the ranks as "previously earned" that was announced as fixed still occurred twice.

1-Feb-2021Plan: Valley Galleria Signs; Plan: Brotherhood Recon HelmetDuplicate, New (completes the BOS recon set)
2-Feb-2021Plan: Hello Neon SignDuplicate
3-Feb-2021Plan: Emmet Mountain Disposal SignsDuplicate
4-Feb-2021Plan: Caged Bulb LightsDuplicate
5-Feb-20212x Plan: Vault 94 stash boxDuplicate
6-Feb-2021Plan: Asylum LightDuplicate
7-Feb-2021Plan: Hello Neon SignDuplicate
8-Feb-2021Plan: Crowd Bench Seats; Plan: Vault 94 JumpsuitNew, Duplicate
9-Feb-2021Plan: Caged Bulb LightsPreviously earned bug
10-Feb-2021Plan: Hello Neon SignDuplicate
11-Feb-2021Plan: Asylum LightDuplicate
12-Feb-2021Plan: Caged Bulb LightsDuplicate
13-Feb-2021Plan: Vault 94 stashboxDuplicate
14-Feb-2021Plan: Hellstorm Missile LauncherNew
15-Feb-2021Plan: Asylum LightDuplicate
16-Feb-2021Brotherhood Special Ops SuitDuplicate
17-Feb-2021Plan: Hello Neon SignDuplicate
18-Feb-2021Plan: Hello Neon Sign, Plan: Valley Galleria SignsDuplicate
19-Feb-2021Plan: Super ReactorPreviously earned bug
20-Feb-2021Plan: Caged Bulb LightsDuplicate
21-Feb-2021Plan: Caged Bulb LightsDuplicate
22-Feb-2021Plan: Poodle Sleeping BagDuplicate
23-Feb-2021Plan: Caged Bulb LightsDuplicate
24-Feb-2021Plan: Open Neon SignDuplicate
25-Feb-2021Plan: Open Neon SignDuplicate
26-Feb-2021Plan: Burrows SignDuplicate
27-Feb-2021Plan: Crowd Bench SeatsDuplicate
28-Feb-2021Did not play

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