Open World PVP looks bad

fallout 6 - Open World PVP looks bad

So i was watching the Gamestops 4h stream of F76, and at one point they engaged on 1 person to ty to kill them. At first it looked like it was dealing no damage, but after a few hits you could see that the health was falling. They were the same level and low level gear (as expect in the early stages), but after about a minute of dealing damage with the big damage reduction, the person just used a stimpack or two, outhealed the damage and ran away at full HP.

I am all for having ways to prevent griefing players, or ganging up on someone to ruin their experience, but it just looked horrible that 3 people attacking 1 person, couldn't take them down and if the person just uses a stimpack, they will heal up full and survive.

I would rather they had an opt-in function for PVP, rather than the duel mechanic that eliminated random open world killing. Killing someone in the open world should not be put in the same sense as a duel. IF some people want to be raiders, that should be their choice, but with the current mechanics it looks really bland. There is no killing someone because they did you wrong, its just wrong.


You can remove someone from your session if you dont want to see them, but is that really the way to deal with people who are being annoying to you, rather than giving us an option to just outright kill them?


No open world pvp unless its agreed by both parties.

Game should have an opt-in PVP that enables you to kill or be killed at will while out exploring.

Blocking people from your game does not feel very immersive to me.

what are your thoughts? Have yo uhad issues with wanting to kill someone in the beta and not having the chance to do so?


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