Opinion on NW: Frog Legs are Unbalanced

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Opinion on NW: Frog Legs are Unbalanced

All my opinion, of course, but this is what I feel makes the ability inherently unbalanced.

  1. It avoids an entire class of weapons (Explosives)
  2. It empowers an entire class of weapons (Again, explosives, which become easier to target without needing to plan for an arc, easier to avoid self injury by permitting you to get further away from any potential landing zone, and capable of greater range).
  3. It makes a target more difficult to hit in a manner that cannot be matched by those without the same luck of the draw.
  4. It has no limits. You can jump for days without any negative effects.

In my opinion, this ends in one of two ways:

  1. Everyone builds for Frog Legs: The game turns into another bunny hopping yolo game, with no place for meaningful tactics (if it's not a one shot down, they just start bunny hopping and dropping explosives)
  2. It becomes occupied only with those who have Frog Legs: As the frog leg meta becomes prevalent, those who cannot compete, be it from luck or preference, leave, resulting in the same thing as #1 above, but with even fewer players.

Solutions (as I see it):

  1. Removal: Removes the problem, but also removes an admittedly fun concept.
  2. Drain AP: Like a jet pack, some sort of limit that keeps the user from just endlessly performing the same trick.
  3. Limited Use: Those who hold the perk get <x> Croaktats in their inventory, taking one grants frog legs effect for <y> seconds. Permits longer use in a fight, but limits how many fights it can be used in.

I just watched someone with 19 kills bunny hop their way to victory. They started with bunny hopping to get distance with their grenade launcher to try and bombard me from maximum draw distance (I laid out a camp as a lure and stayed the hell away from it). I moved to avoid being hit by chance and got pegged by another player (beautiful stealth kill on me, nicely done). That person got the drop on bunny hop, who simply hopped up and towards them, moving themselves out of view faster than most folks are going to be able to follow, and proceeded with the same tactic, hope and drop grenades. Person with a full auto weapon hit him a few times, but never enough to negate the stims he popped, and eventually the grenades won. They then approached the bridge near the Overseer's Camp, where a team of three had taken cover. They whipped out an assault rifle and bunny hopped along, popping shots at the land bound targets from his infinite high ground. One clip, a team of three dead (although I will admit it was suspiciously accurate for autofire, I can't claim it impossible.)

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If this was a planned esports contender, I could see it being a useful way to spice things up for the viewer and separate the wheat from the chaff, but for a game that has so far emphasized fun for all, the end result of this ability is going to turn into rounds of "lol nubs" slaughter followed by five players hopping in circles trying to wing one another with shotguns. As much as the ability alone is a fun idea, the ability in the context of this game is decidedly not.

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