Opinion: People wouldn’t defend Fallout 76 if it wasn’t a Fallout game made by a big studio.

fallout 8 - Opinion: People wouldn't defend Fallout 76 if it wasn't a Fallout game made by a big studio.

I can't help but feel like a lot of the people defending Fallout 76 are only doing so because of brand loyalty as opposed to actual enjoyment of the game. I'm not saying that no one could possibly enjoy it, but those who do often do so in spite of the fact that the game has real issues. It's like Bethesda are getting a free pass off these people for creating something that is far below the standard that a developer of its size should be releasing. I mean, it feels like No Man's Sky, an admittedly shoddy release, (but by a far smaller company) was held to a higher standard. It's one thing for an indie company like Hello Games, or to a lesser degree, Warhorse Studios (with all KCD's glitches) releasing games with bugs or missing content, but for a AAA game, it shouldn't be excused.


If Fallout 76 wasn't a Bethesda game, and didn't have the fallout name attached, there would be no one defending it. It's not even like this is their first online game either, ESO has been out since 2014. I realise the studio is different, but Bethesda should have learned a thing or two about developing and handling MMO style games from that since a lot of the staff fall under the umbrella of Zenimax, but it feels like if they did, it had no effect on this.

I know this is another "Fallout 76 sucks" post, and I don't want to hate on people for liking the game, but I'm genuinely interested in how much people think branding has influenced opinion about this game. It just seems like 76, despite the hate, has had way more support and defenders than most flawed game releases.

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