Patch 20, release date and info from the PTS forum

fallout 7 - Patch 20, release date and info from the PTS forum

Hi everyone, We're planning to bring the PTS client offline around 2:00 p.m. ET today so that we can perform maintenance and apply an update. We expect today's PTS maintenance will last for about an hour, and we will update you during downtime to let you know as soon as the PTS is back online. Please note: With today's update, we're removing the event "A Colossal Problem" as well as Legendary Perks from the PTS. We're doing this so that the version of the game that's available in the PTS is as similar as possible to Update 20 prior to its release on June 30. This will be the last patch for this version of the PTS until we're ready to open play testing for Update 21. The PTS will remain online and available with the Update 20 build until Monday, June 29. Thank you all so much for the feedback and bug reports you've provided during this PTS phase! Even though we're removing Colossal Problem and Legendary Perks from the PTS today, please know that we're still reacting to your feedback, performing internal testing, and making additional changes to these features before we release them in future updates. They will also return to the PTS in future play testing phases for another round of community feedback before we make them available in the live version of the game. Thank you!

pts offline for maintenance june 24?language%5B%5D=en - Patch 20, release date and info from the PTS forum


Edit: some good info about bugfixes:

Respawn: Fixed an issue causing players to lose carry weight bonuses while dead, which could prevent them from respawning at locations other than Vault 76.

Containers: Fixed an issue preventing items from being assigned to Fermenters, Vending Machines, Kegs, Punch Bowls, and Refrigerators while at max C.A.M.P. budget.

Turrets: Fixed an issue causing Turrets that have been destroyed and then repaired to have a significant delay when engaging enemies.

Note: Turrets are still intended to take 2-3 seconds to acquire a target and begin firing

Armor: Mods can now be correctly applied to Robot Armor arm pieces.

Headwear: The Treasure Hunter and Insurgent Hats no longer remove hair or facial hair when equipped.

Under Armor: Added a number of Mod Plans to the game for Secret Service Under Armor, and players can purchase them using Gold Bullion from Regs in Vault 79.


Beckett: Now correctly offers Daily Quests after completing his main questline.

Purveyor Murmrgh: Fixed an issue that caused the Purveyor to sell individual items.


Electrically Charged: Will no longer proc when attacked by another player outside of PVP.

AWOL Armaments: Players are now correctly notified and removed from the event after leaving the event area.

Cheating Death: The “Speak with the Tracker” objective no longer reappears when re-entering Carleton Mine after logging out and back in during Cheating Death.

Hunter for Hire: Choosing a dialogue option that has a SPECIAL check when speaking with Daniel no longer closes the conversation early.

Motherlode: Has returned to Appalachia after a brief vacation to the center of the earth, and will now appear correctly during quests and events.

One of Us: The care package now correctly appears during the “Collect the items from inside the care package” objective.

Something Sentimental: Objectives now advance properly when speaking with Maggie and the quest now correctly completes when attempting to turn it in.

Something Sentimental: Fixed an issue that caused conversations with Maggie Williams to end early when choosing certain dialogue options.

Something Sentimental: The Pocketwatch quest item now correctly appears in the Misc. tab in the player’s inventory instead of Junk.

Strange Bedfellows: Players can now correctly select the Charisma SPECIAL check when speaking with Aldridge.

Thicker Than Water: Beckett can no longer be lured out of Watoga Underground during the quest.

Vital Equipment: Choosing to donate the reward no longer skips the rest of the conversation with Ward.

User Interface

Controls: Fixed an issue preventing PC players from using the mouse to equip and unequip Perk Cards.

HUD: The player’s health bar no longer overlaps the Power Armor HUD while the Pip-Boy is open.



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