Patch 20 was the greatest game changer for me

fallout 3 - Patch 20 was the greatest game changer for me

I always used to play alone, roamed Appalachia all on my own and wandered my own Appalachian trail in self reflect and the occasional mass murder on the way. Then wastelanders hit and some interesting people gave my stuff to do and a vault to loot.. and still.. after that their live only revolevd around photos of the same locations, loosing some crucial piece of equipment every day, not being a flake or getting massive amounts of broken radio tubes. Otherwise they only comment on me keeping all that gold (What did they expect? It`s the wasteland.. fools..). I almost expected them whiners to regret giving up their home in the wasteland for being hit with an arrow in the knee. (However somebody manages this with the bows we`ve been given). Ok but back on track..

I remembered last years spring in Helvetia.. The Fasnacht Parade. I had my camp in the canyon just north of the little town and all the people from the vault were there again. Hundreds of faces, often familiar faces.. but all of them have changed.. some for the better, some for the worst.. But it was fun seeing them, having a great time together. In the wake of Fastnacht 2076 met an old friend from the vault and we decided to to some hunting. Got me my first Scorchbeast. Good times :). So 2077 Fasnacht arrived. A bit late in the year.. but again a real blast. That‘d be my new home, demolishing my nice house on the lake new Foundation and getting the stuff to Helvetia, opening a nice, little Fasnacht Museum and gift shop, just by the southern bridge out of town. I just put up some finishing touches to my living area when my Pipboy suddenly flashed. There was a public team focussing on taking an active role in upcoming events. There was another one. I went to Sutton Station and was informed about a reward system helping us getting stuff for free in case we help out and reshape Appalachia. There are tasks that need doing and in return you are supposed to be rewarded alone a scoreboard shaped like an old board game. Brilliant idea in itself.. but hell.. a lot of things to do.. Hmm.. maybe try one of those groups? Share the burden? Why not give it a try..



And it hit me.. All we did together was great fun and we met other groups on the way. Shredding that fake Sheepassaultron, downing that Queen multiple times in a row and me noticing it all being easier to do in groups, and on the side learning stuff quicker myself. And people sharing their knowledge showed me new ways to play. I hid in the bushes and on high places all those time and killed silently. And now.. I do the same but with a higher radiation and feeling somewhat less healthy. But what does not kill you makes you stronger and even the strange jumping and running mutations I picked up along the way got stronger in team. Some advise me to stop eating meat and get into cranberry products and berry mentats. But I am simply addicted to Pepperoni rolls and grilled radstag. There is nothing like sizzeling meat on the BBQ.

Long forgotten are the times of the Lone Wanderer. Now it‘s a radicool, inspirational time to be strange in numbers and I thorougly enjoy it. And I enjoy it even more so, because you bunch of great people enjoy it with me. It makes the grind more bearable and even fun. Thanks a lot for that.

Hope this makes some sense to you all for not being a native English speaker.

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