Patch 22 revitalized 76 and is good for the long term health of the game

fallout 7 - Patch 22 revitalized 76 and is good for the long term health of the game

So one big take away from season 1 of the score system was that players will play more when given incentive to do so. Player counts went up while grinding for score. But what this game lacked at least for me was things to do beyond score. I was good on treasury notes, I have little need of caps, and I had leveled up enough that i was out of perk cards worth picking. At that point all that was left to improve your character was hunting legendaries and hoping to hit the lottery.

This was made more problematic by the fact that the legendary system had a few choices that were quite clearly better than any alternative. Bloody for low health and Junkies for high health. Get a good version of one of those and you made it, nothing is gonna top it, until then play the lottery and hope for good RNG. I had a good weapon, so I was done there too, all that was left was to take my one roll of solar armor a day, and again hope.

Then this patch dropped and really addressed all the problems listed above.

First the daily ops system is a great way to add fresh daily content, with 48 different permutations of event there is something new every day. Its such a good frame work to build on and I can't wait until they have more missions.

Second the damage re-balance made more legendary effects viable. Bloody, Junkies, Anti armor, vampire, quad, instigating even medics all have an argument to be made for them. They all have their pros and cons. More viable options means more fun and experimentation.


Third for the first time in a while (for high level players at least) Levels matter again legendary perks give something new to work towards. Sure its a long journey to max a bunch of them out but there is rewards along the way. Getting a level is exciting again.

Fourth and going along with the last few, the map is open again. Its been a long time since ive been to the forest, there was no reason to go, no experience to gain, and no loot worth getting. Last thing you wanted was to get a good roll legendary and have it be under leveled. Now I can go back to those places and explore.

Finally the game is a bit more challenging, enemies don't go down in one shot as often so there is a reason to tweak my build and optimize my load out so I can be as effective as possible. Before I could be pretty sloppy and it didn't matter I was still one shoting everything. Now I have to optimize again.

In other words there are fresh challenges, fresh reason to explore, new gear to hunt down and new daily activities to look forward to. Those are the same things I looked forward to as a low level character, the same things that hooked me on the game in the first place. For the first time the game grows with you and gives level 4 and 400 characters something to explore, something to work for, something to do.

This is the most meaningful patch this game has had and its very good for keeping the player base engaged and the game healthy.

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