Patch 9 reveals story progression created by the players.

fallout 7 - Patch 9 reveals story progression created by the players.

At first when we emerged from the Vault, we didn’t know what to make of what greeted us. Sure we had our Vault-tec training, but nothing could prepare us for the Scorched Beasts. We went into hiding within our camps as we pieced together what was left of this lonely nightmare, always anticipating those dreadful wings beating against the air, and that blood curdling shriek…

As time went on, we ran into others on our adventures. Small groups of companions grew into companies of all sizes: Brotherhood, Enclave, Raiders, Free States, and others. We took up the torch that was handed to us by ghosts, and with our combined might, brought down the terror of the skies. But our need for self preservation turned into a lust for power, as we turned the nukes we had brought back online toward other surrounding areas, probing blindly for exotic materials which we sought to bolster our arsenal.

Wars broke out in a bid for supremacy, vying for dominance of the autonomous trade lanes that formed from the remnants of pre-war railways (survival servers). War never changes, and like before: our wars left us depleted of resources – only this time our desperation had been accentuated by such a hellish landscape.


As our desperation pushed us deeper into the wilderness, we found mysteries that revealed more questions than answers – but in our searching, we found our mastery of the wilds. Our mastery provided each of us a specific set of skills; and while others relied on our skills, we found ourselves relying on the skills of others. Eventually our mutual dependence began to form a market, as caravans began to roll in and storefronts began to pop up along the shattered highways and byways.

At last, we were out of hiding, and in that moment it felt like we had finally emerged from those dark-ages, hardly worse for wear. There are travelers on the road again, collecting around shops – sharing drink and food over tales of the Wasteland, embracing that old entrepreneurial American Dream which at one point seemed so distant and obscure.

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Times are good and business is booming once again in Appalachia, but there are whispers that something dark looms on the nuclear horizon: how long will this peace last? What other horrors are clawing at the borders of Appalachia? For now, we work to preserve this glimpse of a golden age, and enjoy the time that we have with the friends we have made.

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