Patch notes don’t cover all that changed, they should.

fallout 4 - Patch notes don't cover all that changed, they should.

Theres so many things that got changed that were not disclosed in the patch notes, and the notes they do give are missing key facts.

Example of things changed in the update that were not mentioned

  • Production rates reduced to 10 per hour

  • Getting ore instead of scrap (stock up on acid)

  • The amount/% of how exp is reduced for high lvl mobs

  • Legendary spawns reduced and % of them having a legendary also reduced

  • Plans not being awarded as often for events

  • Stealth has nerfed

  • Melee has been nerfed

  • Characters over lvl 50 do even less damage to both PVE and PVP

  • Plan/Mod spawn rates have been reduced

  • Boss enemies still don't give guaranteed items

  • Trap exploit removed

  • Cap stash exploit removed

  • Server hopping exploits removed

If theres anymore let me know and I'll add to the list.

Edit : Also I'm not saying the changes are bad/good, I just want Bethesda to actually give us REAL patch notes.

So much information which should of been listed is just not there which I find so odd in this day and age. Most companies are super transparent about what is being changed yet Bethesda is choosing to leave us in the dark. No numbers or % for nerfs or buffs which need to be disclosed. It shouldnt be up to the playerbase to figure out what the patches actually are.

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