Paying it forward and having a blast doing it

fallout 3 - Paying it forward and having a blast doing it

At over 1800 hours, 425,000 Caps and 4 accounts, one can understand why the game may be getting stale. (No, I'm not some society reject living in Grandmas basement, retired DV with a lot of time). So yesterday I set out to make the wasteland a better place.

I loaded up 2 accounts and started looking for lvl 20 and below bases that had vending machines. I specifically was looking for bases that I felt were not 2nd accounts. You can typically figure those out by whats inside and how the base is constructed. Once I found one of those bases I'd proceed to buy out everything. I'd scrap any non legendary armor or weapons so I'd get the junk and then I'd drop everything I just bought back on the ground. I proceeded to burn through 50,000 caps doing this.

I kept a few numbers; In 3 hours of doing this I bought out 11 Camps. Of those 11 camps I interacted with 8 of the owners. Of those 8 owners I was wearing a headset but unless I felt I needed to offer some advice (pricing suggestions) I just listened in and gave a thumbs up emote. Of the 8 owners I heard from I'd guess that 5 of those we're very young players (under the age of 12 squeakers) and wow their reaction was priceless. I truly wish I had been recording these interactions. One young lad was so excited I could hear him running away from the game yelling "DAD, he bought everything!!"


After this I decided to try and locate lower levels attempting events. I stumbled on 2 guys, lvl 7 and 9 running south through the Mire and I decided I'd catch up with those guys and see what I could do to help. So for the next 2 hours I just followed them, allowing them to take lead and go where ever they wanted while providing security. I haven't had so much fun playing the game in a long time. Both had their mics on but like before I didn't say a word, I just soaked in their excitement and joy for the game. They both died from time to time but I'd be there to stimpack them back to life. I lost count how many "heart" emotes they gave me during our journey. These 2 guys (I'd guess about 12-14yrs old) truly warmed this ole guys heart. Like I said before, this was the most fun I had had in along time and I can't wait to do it again. When my wife finally got home from work and it was time to go, they had both leveled up multiple times. I turned on my mic and told them "guys, I have to go, I've had so much fun, I hope you had as much as I did" and logged off. Later last night the wife and I decided to watch some Netflix and I noticed I had PMs from each of them, both thanking me for a wonderful time.

Moral of the story, this game is amazing, yes it has it's bugs but it truly has the ability to put smiles on faces and warm hearts.

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