Paying it Forward in Appalachia

fallout 4 - Paying it Forward in Appalachia

The following is a story about how paying it forward is a real thing in Appalachia.

I met these players months ago when they were level 20-30 and try to keep an eye out for them and now they are really getting into it. Very satisfying.

I logged in to see the FO76 friend mentioned above and told him I was interested in running a nuke or two. Him and a buddy joined me (at 300+) and they are both recent players but were around level 100 so weren't clueless but then again have a large number of quests not done yet. When we targeted the Prime Fissure for the SBQ fight, we had no idea we were in for one of the most interesting nights of our lives. The SBQ was purple so I suspect it was hit by a Flatwoods Monster and while it wasn't extra hard to kill, it stayed on the ground and summoned wave after wave of mobs. Most of the time I'm lucky to see one Sloth but we must have had at least 5 of them, not to mention the limitless mirelurk kings, scorched, etc. We went through so much ammo and broke our weapons a few times that we took advantage of the lull to repair and rearm.


It was the coolest SBQ fight in over a year, very memorable, but the night's surprises weren't over. After we had killed the SBQ we were mopping up the various mobs and collecting nuked flora when we decided to check out the nearby grove to see if a Wendigo Collossus had spawned. Lo and behold, there he was, just lurking around. We didn't hear any sounds of battle so whatever enemy spawned with him was already soaking into the mud. He was just as tanky as Earl but since it was a world spawn there was no time limit, which was nice because we didn't gather a crowd. Another low level (40-ish) came by but was overwhelmed by the wendio spawns so we told him to stay near one of our survival tents and help by sniping. The three of us had a ball pulling out different weapons like orbital beacons, or a fatman, just because. I'm sure I hit him with a Endangerol styringe at least once. We danced with him so long we started refering to him as Earl's cousin since of course it wasn't Earl. I don't remember what we named him, Frank maybe. I suggest we name any WC not spawned in the Monahga mine, "Frank, Earl's Cousin".

After what seemed like 2-3 hours of fighting hi-level monsters, I was done for the evening (morning? Looking at the clock it was after 1am, Waaaaaht?) We all agreed that we had a ton of fun but it was time to give Appalachia over to the next round of defenders while we got some shuteye.

Careful, when you wish for adventure, you just might get it! Not just that, but you might get to share the adventure with new friends.

If I could tag these, I'd call them FO76 Paying it Forward stories. I love to read them. Here is mine, so please take the time to share your stories with us.

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