PC BETA at 00:00 my preload data was deleted

fallout 2 - PC BETA at 00:00 my preload data was deleted

Its as the title says, the 40gb+ of files gone.

This is a shame as it means those who us with super slow internet who had to preload well in advance can now 100% not participate in this beta. I am disappointed but also warning people to maybe not login to the launcher until this is addressed.

NB: I have now confirmed SIMPLY opening the app will delete your preload BEWARE! 23:38 GMT+2 30/10/2018

ALSO!: Starting the redownload my folder suddenly got a folder called Fallout76/_downloads/294754 as well as 6 other folders with single digit value differences in naming however this one has 46.4gb in it and my redownoad is only 5gb in, total space used 49.2GB. Can anyone confirm this as well? I am told this may just be the launcher preallocating space with useless data to ensure there will be enough space for the redownload to finish, can't confirm if its true but seems fair.


EDIT: Based on chats in discord I have discovered anyone who clicked the blue button which was used for the timer had their data deleted if you dont click it then you wont lose your data. Read above.

Honestly I think its only fair Bethesda maybe give us an extra beta as in my case when the launcher is eventually usable again it will take me 6 hours to re-download and I am not the only person with slow internet. I don't mean to sound entitled but this is just unbelievable. Then again its a B.E.T.A we unlucky sheep who lost our data are successful testers, as sad as that it is.


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