PC issues that needs to be fixed before release

fallout 3 - PC issues that needs to be fixed before release

I'm updating the list once in a while to add stuff ppl are posting here


This needs to be fixed/added

  • a lot of key bindings can't be rebind (e.g. Z to Y -> not everyone has a QWERTY)
  • ESC should bring up the menu not the map (M should be for the map)
  • ESC should close the Pip-Boy/map first (so 2 times ESC = menu when your in the Pip-Boy)
  • Push To Talk button (PTT should be enabled by default)
  • FOV slider
  • DOF toggle
  • bloom toggle
  • motion blur toggle
  • mouse wheel should switch between your favorites not bring up the fav menu
  • ultra wide screen support (21:9)
  • mouse smoothing toggle (raw mouse input)
  • decouple movement from FPS (works like a speed hack)
  • stimpack hotkey on favorite menu is wrong

This would be nice to have

  • separate mouse sensitivity slider for ADS
  • text chat
  • HUD/Pip-Boy color picker
  • ADS/crouch toggle option
  • better inventory usability (or menus in general)
  • changing game settings while servers are offline

maybe not PC related bugs


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