People Are Spreading Misinformation And Bad Math About Season Grind

fallout 3 - People Are Spreading Misinformation And Bad Math About Season Grind

Yesterday I wrote a post describing about how long it will take to get the seasons done. 94% upvote rate, hit about 100 upvotes.

Today I see a post describing how long it will take to get the seasons done, but ignoring math and then later on relying on misinformation. 94% upvote rate, hit about 550 upvotes so far and climbing rapidly.

This is a problem. Math is not interpretable, only its consequences are. So why is a post with bad math getting so many more upvotes? Maybe because people *want* to believe the worst? I don't know.

Let's look at this again in detail so there can be no doubt about the math. Then you can make a decision as to whether the grind is too long for you.

Here are the numbers for dailies and weeklies from yesterday. I just checked in and today's numbers are the same.

The total you will get from dailies is 2000.

The total you will get from weeklies is 7500.

The total you can earn per week, excluding the repeatable score gainer, is 21,500.

Some people are claiming you will only get 16500 score per day for full completion. I have no idea why they would make this claim when the numbers are readily available in-game. Anyone can see them.

Now, the total needed to get to rank 100, assuming the scale continues at +25 per rank (seems non-controversial at this point), is about 220,000. All figures seem to agree on this.

So that means that completing the challenges every day will get you 215,000 score over 10 weeks (21,500 x 10 = 215,000). The event is supposed to end after 10 weeks, so that leaves you 5000 short to get full completion. However, if you complete the repeatable XP challenge just once per day– which currently does not seem hard to do– that will get you, over the course of ten weeks, about 7000 score.

What does this mean?

If you do the challenges each day and manage to kill enough baddies to complete the weekly once per day, you WILL complete the legendary run. People suggesting that you could do all the challenges and still be far behind are flat-out wrong, based on the information we currently have.

If you grind XP harder, if you optimize buffs and form farm groups and possibly use double XP events (assuming more are coming), you can get ahead and finish the run before 10 weeks are up. How much time you'd save will really depend on how much XP you can farm– there are big variances in this depending on many variables such as perk build, gear, whether you're willing to group, whether you have access to a private server for more farm potential, whether Bethesda runs more double XP events, knowledge of the best farm locations, your patience level, etc.


If you use the atoms that are granted from completing ranks 1-90, you can purchase all of the final ranks quickly (1500 atoms granted, 10 ranks = 1500 atoms). That will save you at least a week.

So basically we're looking at 8-10 weeks to complete the grind, if you play consistently. And that's assuming that you want every single reward, that you're a completionist who has to have it all– in my experience those types of folks are typically willing to put in long grinds, though I'm not a completionist myself.

So in the end, are seasons bad? Is the grind too much? That's a totally subjective take and you're welcome to your opinion on it. But if your numbers are wrong you're going to have a very disconnected view of what's going on. And we know this game is no stranger to misinformation among all the valid criticisms– just yesterday I was in a discord where some person posted three flagrant lies about this new system in an attempt to bash Bethesda, things that could have been fact-checked in 5 minutes. I posted several corrections and had a moderator of this discord tell me that big corporations don't need defenders– that was their response, not saying hey, truth is better than falsehoods, but implicitly criticizing me for saying anything that could be viewed as defense of Bethesda.

Basically, they were siding with the person who was spreading misinformation. And that's a serious problem. People who are willing to support false realities to validate their own narratives are a danger to themselves and others.

Full disclosure: I personally have little to gain from this season pass, as I only like two items on the board and they're super deep in. So for me it's not worthwhile and I don't care much for it. That said, I always found the challenges to be tedious and never farmed atoms in the first place. So I would say I'm fairly neutral — I don't love the season, but I don't hate it, because nothing has really changed for me. I criticize Bethesda fairly often, but I correct misinformation when I can and praise them when I think they've done right. To me this is all common sense.

So once again, you can determine your own position, but please don't rely on bad math and hearsay to validate preconceptions or ideologies about companies. That's not going to help you make informed choices, it's not going to help the gamers you spread that misinformation to, and if you use bad math your criticism will be hollow. Why would a developer listen to complaints based on fiction? If I was at work and a client gave me crap for doing something bad, and I saw their understanding of the situation was fundamentally wrong, then I wouldn't be inclined to make changes based on their incorrect opinions, at all.

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