People who duplicate have permanently harmed the game and any chance for a decent economy

fallout 4 - People who duplicate have permanently harmed the game and any chance for a decent economy

After playing the game extensively and grinding for lots of legendary gear and unique plans, I decided that the one gun that would complete my second character would be a two shot explosive lever action. I had saved up 8k caps, 2k of which was made from selling to other players.

I started using the reddit 76 trading subforum to try and find my dream gun, and had a total of 3 offers. The best offer was for a TSE Lever Action with a prime receiver and .45 ultracite ammo for 6k Caps. So of course I jumped on top of it and waited 4 hours for the guy to get on to make the trade. When he finally does get on, we join the same server and I meet up with his level 4 character that he called his "mule" and opened trade.

He had thousands of pounds of legendary weapons. He had a Two Shot Explosive of just about every kind and has about a dozen of each, if not more. He had hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition.

I went through with the trade, because I was exhausted and figured it was the norm within the market. But good god am I probably not going to pick this game up again after waking up and thinking about it. The fact that people can duplicate weapons that other people will grind dozens of hours for and then sell them for profit and then buy every other unique item in the game and then duplicate all that stuff is… retarded. Imagine if in Destiny, people could just duplicate all the raid gear and give them to all their friends? What the hell would be the point to do the raid? I mean, the raids could be fun a first time through, but after that it was all about the loot/gear. What is the point of doing the Scorch Beast Queen? Because this game's combat and gameplay is fun enough to make that worthwhile alone, right?/sarcasm

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I play a lot of warframe, which if you haven't played it I strongly suggest you do, as it is probably the greatest free to play ongoing game ever made. That game has a mechanic similar to legendary weapons: riven mods. And the in-game market, which is actually supported by the developers, is hugely driven by demand for these unique mods. The entire economy of that game, which is quite robust, would be completely ruined if people could just duplicate all the god roll rivens.

Fallout 76 will pretty much never have a successful in game economy. The legendaries can be fixed by raising the max level of weapon drops to 100 after the duplicating is patched, but all the unique and rare plans have already been duplicated a hundred thousand times over.

There are things to enjoy about this game, but the bad and broken parts now outweight the good parts for me. I got my money worth, but there are so many other games that do everything better, things that this game may never fix and that sucks.

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