People who want characters locked to modes, fail to see the flaw in it

fallout 2 - People who want characters locked to modes, fail to see the flaw in it

If you played games like EFT or Rust, and joined those games right after game was wiped, you had great time. But if you joined middle of the wipe, you were surrounded players who were just so much of ahead of you, that you just didn't care to play and waited until game was wiped again. Now people who want Fallout 76 characters be locked on modes, think that because everyone is so geared up that there should be fresh start for everyone.

Yes, everyone would get fresh start, but what about those who later join the game, where is their fresh start? There is none for them and they will have to play against geared players the way the players will have now and they will complain same way the players are complaining now:"Survival Mode is infested with people with high gear". Difference is that with locked characters they are also locked in situation, where they might not be able to progress at all- "Nuke goes up, instantly that zone is filled with people with near max gear, where they just KoS you". Now players in situations where Adventure Mode becomes to boring and it is just too hard for new player to begin with Survival Mode, because he is basically constantly getting spawn killed.

So what makes current playerbase so special that they should get opportunity to get fresh start, while those who come later have to suffer?

Solution for all the problem that brings Locked characters is the design we already have- You get constantly killed by high gear players and feel like you aren't progressing in survival mode, go back to Adventure Mode. Get better gear and then come back to Survival Mode. You start months from now, no problem. Play first Adventure Mode, get some gear and then join survival mode. No one is forcing you to come to survival mode, play adventure mode few hundred hours, like we did and then join survival mode.


Then there are people who say:"Ohh, the market was flooded by duped items", but how is it any different when in future comes something makes acquiring legendary items easy, like legendary vendor? Maybe it is much easier to get legendary item you need from vendor than it was on time when market was flooded with dupes. People get their sets easy and then Beth sees that this is too easy and then decides to ramp the difficulty back to hard, where is then going to be "Lets reset everyone back to 0, so that those who got their gear on time when gear was easy to get, would be on same level as everyone else".

And then there is whole question about what kind of message does Locking characters to modes send to players who have invested to lot of time into developing and gearing they character-"Ohh nice, you are loyal player, you were here day one, playing and gear up…but we don't care. Here, start again. Do again the quest you already done, go and discover again the world you discovered and gather again gear you gathered"…and then few months later-"Ooo hey, is see you didn't quit. Here is a new mode, you can do all the thing again that you already by now have done twice.".

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