Performance has been significantly worse with every update on PS4.

fallout 5 - Performance has been significantly worse with every update on PS4.

I enjoy this game, I really do. Besides some poor design choices regarding quests and PvP, my friends and I have had a lot of fun playing it. The updates this game has received have significantly improved it from a gameplay standpoint and it's crazy this is the same Fallout 76 from a couple years ago.

However, the performance with this game has gotten much, much worse since Wastelanders and the following updates for us. I understand with all of the new content and NPCs walking around, it's gonna be harder to run the game, and my launch model PS4 probably doesn't help, but come on. I can play Grand Theft Auto 5 online, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands/Breakpoint, Battlefield, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Ground War/Warzone, PSVR multiplayer games, and many single player open world games on this same console with a much worse internet than I have now almost perfectly besides their (understandable) performance/server hiccups, so why does it take up to 10 seconds to use the "quick menu" when I'm near an enemy in this game? Why do quests refuse to track for long periods of time, or straight up point me in the wrong direction for no reason? Why does the game run at such low framerates all the time (coming from someone that honestly can't tell the difference between 60+FPS and 30FPS, AKA a console pleb)? Why haven't my friends been able to see me on their friends list for going on 2 months now? Why has my ability to invite my friends to a team only been restored now? How does the game even register a part of the floor in my camp as non existent for me, but perfectly normal for my friend? Why have I crashed more times in the past two months then I have in the whole time I've owned the game (since Christmas of 2019)? It's gotten so bad now that my friends acknowledge it on a consistent basis and have both crashed/needed to leave and rejoin recently, although admittedly less often than me.


Sorry for the rant, but I really enjoy this game and would love to play it more often, but the rapidly degrading performance and increased amount of bugs is getting insane and there has to be something done about it. I get that I should expect a poor performance for having such an old console model and blah blah blah, but there's no reason why the game runs this bad when literally everything else runs much better. Even if there were downgrades to the graphics, less players per server, longer loading screens, ANYTHING to make this game more responsive would make our time playing this game much more fun.

(And yes, I know some of the problems I listed would be considered bugs, but they still affect my enjoyment of the game in a negative way and I think should be brought up).

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