Perk Coins: An Absolutely Insane Endeavor

fallout 5 - Perk Coins: An Absolutely Insane Endeavor

So while I like the revamped legendary cards, this part stood out to me: "In the last PTS, some players felt forced into scrapping their golden Perk Cards because they offered more Perk Coins than other cards. We don’t want you to have to scrap your collection of golden cards, and so they will now award the same amount of Perk Coins as normal Perk Cards when scrapped."

So they took a system that everyone says was an insane grind… And made it worse.

Here's some quick and dirty math:

There are six legendary perk slots available. Accessed by level 300. Each card requires 100 coins to level, or 400 for max rank. That's 2,400 perk Coins to max six cards. Assuming you scrap EVERY CARD, you're looking at 180 coins per 100 levels, factoring in card packs.

Thus to max out all six cards you're looking at a base of 1,335 levels. But that's assuming you have scrapped every card since level 1 so that won't do. For easy math, let's assume you want to keep all the cards you've earned up until level 100 for your build. You're now at level 1535 requirement.

That is BEST CASE. If you want to change cards, max all cards, etc or even keep your utility perks, you're looking at much higher.

If you want to hit the 450 level for all cards? Looking at level ~1750.

There was originally 16 cards planned. Want to max them all? Level ~3600 base. There's more than 16 cards now by the way.


I really don't see how anyone from Bethesda can look at these numbers and think this is a fair and rewarding grind. For something so basic. It 100% needs revamped.

And before the "not everyone deserves every reward crowd" sticks their brown nose in here, this is not normal. Other RPGs have NOWHERE near this amount of grind for basic character upgrades and QOL improvements. If they want to make insane grind rewards, they should do that. WoW does it, as does pretty much every other RPG. But it's a MOUNT or a cosmetic or an insanely good weapon. But it's a single item that appeals to a particular person. Not an entire system that everyone is in to again, just provide small bonuses and QOL improvements. It's utterly insane.

I really hope people can make noise about this before it goes live.

P.S. My math was quick and dirty so please post anything additional in the comments and I will correct it.

Edit according to /u/Zioreth, rank two actually costs 150 coins. And higher ranks possibly even more. I couldn't find the exact costs on the PTS forums but I think it's safe to assume that the levels required in my post would be much much higher if this is true.

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