Perk Loadouts and Special Re-spec should be separate.

fallout 5 - Perk Loadouts and Special Re-spec should be separate.

The whole point of perk loadouts for PC is so you don't have to go into the level up menu to change your cards.

If it doesn't eliminate going to into the level up menu in most cases and instead forces you to do it during combat to take your crafting perks off, then it misses the point of perk loadouts entirely if you can only do it at train stations/camps.

If you want to limit constantly switching during combat then make it so there is a min or 2 cooldown between perk loadout switches.

Many of the perk cards are situational anyways(day/night/storm perks) and you won't see many perk cards get used since its laggy and annoying to go into the pip boy> level up menu>perk card pack opening>etc.

To go through multiple screens to get a perk card switched when half the time i just want to take super duper/ammo smith off without lagging out during SBQ since the game is more likely to crash when fighting is happening in the background while in ANY menu.

It's not good design to force players to waste their time with something they are going to do anyways, it's not like i am NOT going to switch out ammo smith/super duper during combat it's 100% guaranteed i am going to take them off to fight so why should be forced to go through multiple menus?


People have many situations where perk loadouts on the radial menu would be a god send, such as running out of ammo and switching to melee, hacking/pick lock without legendary perks, repairing weapon/armor at a bench so you are not overweight or up shits creek without a paddle cause your only weapon for boss broke and you don't have repair kits which means quick loadouts help you get to boss faster, or just simply taking crafting perks off quicker because you you didn't want to make everyone in daily ops wait.

Forcing players to waste time in menus is bad design which is why many people want sliders for ammo converter where they able to trade in all ammo with the push of the fewest buttons.

So please separate special respec and perk loadouts so players don't waste unnecessary time and risk crashing as well during combat.

It's the same principal why batch crafting is being added, no reason to destroy your A button and your wrist for things that have little value to a player and is simply a boring menu slog.

Edit: It also doesn't make any sense to have special respec and not have legendary perks be affected since they can increase your special and the cards you can have. So make it so legendary special can be increased to 20 for card equips or make it so your legendary perks get switched when switch your special.

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