Perks should be divided into two categories. Active and Passive.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Perks should be divided into two categories. Active and Passive.

…As I fumble around half blind, only the faint light from my worn t-60 lighting the scratched and worn lock as I furiously work at trying to unlock it before those feral….

Ahh crap… The darkness in the cave is temporary replaced by blinding flashes as I chip away at the Ghoul horde expending nearly 100 rounds in the process.

Ok back to the lock, I think to myself. After only a few quick twists the old handle on the safe spins freely! Yes got it , level 3 lock time to grab my…Damnit seriously a level 1 leather arm, 3 shotgun shells, and plans for a single action revolver ivory grip.

As I collect what can only loosely be classified as loot, I turn my worn T-60 and start heading back to the cave entrance. Well that’s just the wayRNJeezus is feeling today, I think to myself as I wait for the loading screen to pass. At least that’s one horde of ghouls that will no longer bother anyone.

The daylight flash draws me out of my memories just in time to hear “ Kill you puny Humans”…..All right free caps! Out comes the trusty combat rifle, pop, pop, pop I hit him right in his twisted green face! The health bar only drops a hair and that’s when I hear it…

Whirrrrrr! Not another damn mini gunner, is all I have time to think before I’m diving behind an old mine cart for cover! Damn those Mutues are awfully strong I mutter as I reload my trusty rifle head back up for another volley.

I quickly burn through the last of my .45 , I’m beginning to get nervous! My only back up is a scoped .308 rifle definitely not what I want to use in a close encounter! Why the hell are these mutants not dying! I close my eyes for a brief moment and think… think back… to the lock…. What was it about that lock… oh Shi….

Is the last thought before I’m overrun by what’s left of the mutant pack. As I lay there dying one though plays through my mind as if on an invisible record, stick for ever on one single track……I Forgot to switch my GD perk cards back!

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Ok so enough of the story and let’s talk Perk Cards. Like many of you I have found these perk cards to be clunky and in general a pain in the ass to constantly switch around. Every time I build something I’m switching perk cards…every time I want to pick a lock, or repair my weapons, or build in my camp, the list goes on! As if the initial switching wasn’t really bad enough I now have to switch my perk cards on average of several times an hour.


There is a simple solution and I would love to hear some thought! Active and Passive Perks! Things like lock picking, repair, crafting, these are all a passive skill that are only used in limited situations. These are very different from the perks we use continuously, such as Tank Killer, gunslinger, bear arms, etc..

I think the solution would lie in designating these very S.P.E.C.I.A.L perks into two categories. Active and passive. Perks that are used to improve stats such as gun damage or carry weight are active. These are perks that are used continuously during gameplay versus passive perks like lock picking.

I think that if Bethesda were to designate a certain amount of slots for passive perks in our builds it would greatly reduce the number of unnecessary deaths due to wrong perk in place.

I have all but quit picking locks, due to the clunky- ness of assigning perk cards. Unfortunately that means there’s a lot of doors, safes, etc that I just pass up due to not wanting to go through the motions. This happens when I’m forced to re build my camp for the 76 time because it keeps disappearing so a new player can base in my spot. Rather than switch to home defense I’ll just put up base turrets( let’s be real they barely work any way unless you are there shooting first).

So my thoughts are if we were given 3 or 4 passive perk slots we can use to assign some of these more situational perks, or would eliminate a lot of the frustration and clunkyness required to pick a damn lock., or Get Max benefits from crafting or cooking, or building in our bases …etc! This would avoid wasting a very limited Perk point on a perk that is only used in a very limited situation. We all know and see most of these perks so I will not bother listing them.

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There are many ways they can do this including having one category ( Charisma or Intelligence) that is used to determine how many passive perks slots we get. Possibly a valid reason for those that play solo to invest into charisma.

Thanks to all for reading and feel free to comment below. I am asking for opinions so please be respectful to all our fellow Redditors.

TLDR – Perks should be divided into 2 categories, Active and Passive. We should be given a separate allotment for passive perks.

Edit: My Shat spelling.

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