Personal player bunkers accessible via door placed in C.A.M.P.

fallout 4 - Personal player bunkers accessible via door placed in C.A.M.P.

made this post on 76 forums but wanted to share it here 🙂

had this idea while toying with my old morrowind mod list and remembered i had a summonable "magic door" which was basically a trap door you summoned and used to access a persistent interior cell which you could take with you via re-summoning.

so why not give players the ability to build their own underground "bunker" (akin to those bunker basements you find in game) in which only you and your party members can access and cannot be attacked so the people who want to build a home can have a permanent home while making the ground above into an "outpost" allowing more functionality as a field kit rather than limiting it to mostly a crafting, defense and crop spot.

this in turn would make camp breaking into a less greify experience due to players being able to keep their home in tact while also encouraging to place more resources and such for players to either sit, defend and gather from or other players to attack and steal said resources.


implementation shouldn't be to difficult, each server can assign a player a "CAMP" hidden from sight inside these bunkers, each server has up to 30 of them (to compensate for extra players, etc) in the "world" so when you server hop, your new "assigned" bunker loads in your objects same way a CAMP does.

you can also sell bunker flooring and wall paint/papers in the atom shop i guess

source: https://bethesda.net/community/topic/296620/suggestion-player-underground-bunkers-interior-personal-cell-you-access-through-the-camp

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