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fallout 76 discussion and inform - Pete Hines re: PC Launcher Issue

Here's a little excerpt from the Bethesda stream yesterday (about 15 minutes in), Pete responded to a question from LoneVaultWanderer about how the beta was going:

"Ask a PC person how it's going today… Not particularly fine, we had issues with the B.Net launcher today. People who preloaded are having to go and preload the whole thing again. We definitely knew we were going to have issues and bumps; that was the whole point of it, to find those things and flesh them out, but also at the same time to give people a chance to experience the game and see it. But, we hit some problems that we quite honestly didn't expect. We clearly didn't expect people to have the problem with the preload launcher today. But, like okay, we found it, we're working on it, we solved that problem, hopefully it never manifests itself again. Apologies to anyone who had to download that stuff — but y'know I'm here to tell ya. It's not going to be the last bump on the road and hopefully we continue to smooth that out, but that is in fact the whole point of doing this beta, is to find those things and see if we can't resolve them while also letting people just have fun and enjoy the game."


Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/329537735 (15:30) Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Stream with Pete Hines via Australia


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