Petition for the Fallout community to agree that Fallout 76 is a non canon Fallout spin off game

fallout 4 - Petition for the Fallout community to agree that Fallout 76 is a non canon Fallout spin off game

NOTE: This is completely UNOFFICIAL and fan created. if this were to get any amount of recognition it would still not be official unless Bethesda said something to make it official. This “petition” is purely to see how many people agree with what i am saying in this post and make it some sort of unofficial fan cannon


We can all agree Fallout 76 is not what we wanted in a new Fallout game. However, us not liking the game is not a reason to ignore it as canon, instead i have gathered reasons i have seen on this sub and came up with myself to make this “petition” in which i prepose that we as fans of the series disregard Fallout 76 as a canon part of the Fallout series. Each of my gathered reasons are listed below.

Fallout 76 does not logically fit in the Fallout universe: The goal of Fallout 76 is to rebuild America. That is why the game is online and so in and so forth. However, in none of the fallout games do we hear of a rebuilt America or even Appalachia. All of the other Fallout games come years after Fallout 76 and the fact it is never mentioned is already enough to start a conversation about its stability in Fallouts canon. Furthermore, in Fallout 76 we see Lushes vegetation and heathy trees. This directly contradicts what we have seen in past Fallout games. In both Fallout 3, Fallout NV, and Fallout 4 we see dead trees with some small foliage at best. The fact that Fallout 76 is set closest to the bombs dropping and the world is healthy as ever is another major point to be considered.


Fallout 76 doesn’t fit in the Fallout universe by lore: I wont touch on this too much because it has already been brought up countless times (rightfully so) but it cant go unsaid that the Brotherhood of steel have no business being in Appalachia at this time and the same goes for super mutants arguably.

We simply don’t like it as a Fallout game: It is no question that the community for the most part dislikes Fallout 76. All the reasons above and our disliking for the game as a community amounts to why i made this post and why i think we should ignore Fallout 76 as canon in the first place.

Why i made this post: I understand the word “petition” doest really fit this well but i didn’t know what else to call it. My hope is that this post can get enough upvotes, comments, etc. that enough people can see it and we can come to a consensus about Fallout 76s canon in the Fallout universe.

Conclusion / TLDR: Fallout 76 does not fit in the Fallout universe logically or by lore and we don’t like it as a community so i hope this post can reach enough people in this sub to have the community disregard Fallout 76 as canon unofficially.

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