Pets are difficult to obtain, can they also be difficult to lose, Please? + a small updated guide to pet taming.

fallout 5 - Pets are difficult to obtain, can they also be difficult to lose, Please? + a small updated guide to pet taming.

Yesterday I spent about three hours getting a Deathclaw, and let's just say I was ecstatic! Some of my friends came over and we even had a photoshoot with him! He was my new son, and we were a happy family of 1 Deathclaw, 1 Raider, and 1 Brahmin.

Today, he was killed by two super mutants because they both spawned in with automatic weapons and I couldn't get to them fast enough to stop them. (They were pretty far from my camp, and I was in the middle of building.) This was the second time that my camp has EVER been attacked in the months I have been at this location, so you can imagine my dismay that it even happened.

I'm not in game development or anything, but I feel like there's tons of ways to fix this! Perhaps tie pets to an item, and we can give up resources to respawn them, or maybe have them respawn after a certain duration. Or even allow us to stimpak them for a short time after they've fallen. Anything would be better than a system that makes it hard to even OBTAIN said pet, and then it can be taken away from you in an instant.

I'm not here to say the game is bad, or to call out a ton of flaws. I just wish this system could be refined, and be better. We can repair turrets, why can't we bring back the pets that are much harder to get?

Also, as a side note, a ton of the information about pets in Fallout 76 is super outdated. It took me a long time to find all the proper information because most guides are over a year old.

If you also want a pet (despite the risks) some tips I have for you is:

  • Choose the random event location closest to your camp so that your pet has the highest chance of making it back home.
  • Make sure your C.A.M.P unit is placed in an unobstructed area of your camp so they don't get stuck under or in objects when they arrive, or when you spawn in.
  • As long as you have rank 3 of Animal Friend & Wasteland Whisperer you can tame any(well, almost any) randomly spawned creature, as long as it spawned alone and it's below your level– a lot of the older information says it MUST be less than half your level. This is no longer the case. All of my tames have been my level or just below it. (Keep in mind, it still must be at a Random Event Location.)
  • Do NOT try to escort it home, you're only putting your pet in more danger by doing this, as when you load into each cell, you may spawn in enemies, where as your pet wouldn't while traveling alone. Fast travel away immediately after the tame (and you see it start to run home). I live at the bottom of the divide, so I usually go to Vault 76 & wait about 30 minutes.
  • Don't panic if you come back to camp and they're just GONE. Try to load back into the world because they can randomly despawn. This CAN cause them to come back, as it worked for me a few times before I actually witnessed my pet dying.
  • Make sure you're in passive so that players cannot randomly initiate combat with your pet.
  • Be vigilant when you are at your camp, because if you do happen to get a spawn of enemies, you want to be able to stop them from killing your pet.
  • I don't recommend having a pet if your camp is in a place where it's nearly constantly under attack. (Random Event locations, cranberry bog, and other places like that. The forest, and the sparser areas of the divide are fairly safe.)

I hope this wasn't too long, and I hope any aspiring tamers find my tips helpful. Like I said above, it was difficult to find updated information on this topic, so I wanted to include it for folks that also had difficulties finding it.

Also tl;dr: Pets shouldn't die so easily, and we should have a way to bring them back if they do happen to kick the bucket. Thanks for reading!

Bonus: A picture of my raider & her boy, hours before his early death.
4jaDlKB - Pets are difficult to obtain, can they also be difficult to lose, Please? + a small updated guide to pet taming.


Edit: u/SuddenlyCthulhu actually made a very in depth guide to this a bit ago that I hadn't come across in my searches, if you want super detailed and helpful information you should check out this guide! https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/iwnmss/how_to_tame_a_pet_post_patch_22/

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