Pipe-dream: progressive world design assisted by unique servers

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So if you're like me and played Fallout 76 from the beginning, you character is pretty high level by now. You went through the story, did the quests, did your share of high level content and honestly – by now it's coming out of your ears and you are eyeing other games because it's a grind by now.

What I'd love to see is games to approach design with another dimension in thought – time.
I'd love to see the game become less static in it's world design and more reactive.
Fallout 76 with it's server designs might even offer branching pathways to that end. But more on that later.
Imagine for a minute servers based on various outcomes – in Fallout 76's case based on factions dominance.
The initial world, quests etc. would be as they are now, but as you reach a certain point (finished main quest, reached character level xx etc.) you'd be given the opportunity to switch servers to a new stage in the timeline of FO76.
E.g. a timeline where the scorchbeasts have been defeated, the SBQ defeated and that threat eliminated. In accordance with Fallouts main ideology – "War. War never changes" – it would be all to natural for the survivors to vie for dominance next and split into factions and go after each other. The map on this new server could be changed to reflect the advanced timeline, new cities with new people (real NPCs), geographic changes, faction strongholds, new enemies, new threats. New stories to explore, new things to discover.
This setting would favor PvP very much – but you could just as easy design it in a way that makes the enemy strongholds etc. NPC populated based on who last went through and conquered it. Add some timers to it so it's not a constant back and forth.
To get back on that earlier point, you could even extend from here and make servers based on faction dominance, further changing the look and feel of the world based on that. Imagine a server where the Raiders dominate or one where the Brotherhood re-emerged in force.


With the ability to switch between servers, the game would gain massive appeal and be more interesting to replay.

Now I'm aware that this would be a huge undertaking in terms of manpower to design & maintain. But with the underlying groundwork done, much of the world design could be recycled or only marginally altered.
The original world would remain – a "safe" place for new players to start the game without the fear of finding max level enemies because a high level player ran through earlier.
New servers for high level players with high level content and challenges.
Faction based servers to offer unique world design & challenges.

Anyway, I know it's just a pipe-dream, but this would keep the world and the game interesting and give me goals to work forward to.

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