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fallout 3 - Pitch the next Fallout intro

Its 4:00 am, I'm delirious, and I was thinking about Ron Perlman when in his voice I started thinking of his narration for the next Fallout game. Had to type it out to get it out of my head. Here is mine. If you have your own idea, please give it a try and make your own Fallout intro.

Life was always simple for your tribe. While the men went out into the Iron Woods to hunt for meat, the women gathered the bounty of the land. Every once in a while, a scout would bring back an artifact from the old world, from a time long ago. Though your tribe has survived many seasons, the winter had been especially brutal, and the storm that raged through the Iron Woods was unlike any other, forcing your tribe to retreat into the Iron Mountains. Many stories have been told of The Iron Mountains. Tales of a civilization swallowed, never to return. Ghosts and spirits that wail through the caves casting curses on any that may enter. Still, your tribe entered the cave to seek shelter from the storm. The storm raged for days leaving scouts with little choice but to explore the dark caverns for food. What they found was a Vault. When they stepped inside, what they described was a horror; skeletons everywhere wearing blue clothes with the number 66 emblazoned on them. What had happened, they could not tell. Many were lying on beds, but there were some that looked as if they were crawling out of the vault when they died. Still, there was no choice but to go into the Vault in search of food.


When the storm finally died down, the tribe moved back out of the cave, deciding never to enter again, seeing the skeletons as a bad omen. Upon leaving the cave, the scouts brought with them food that was still preserved, and many tools that could be put to use. Your prize, a bracelet with the words Pipboy on its glowing screen. For a time, life returned to normal. The hunting and the gathering could resume once again. Then one day, one member of your tribe fell ill. First, they came down with fever and a cough. Then the nausea and vomiting would happen, vomit that would be laced with blood. Finally, painful blue boils would form on their skin. In time, he would die. Then another of your tribe fell ill. Then another, and another. Soon, your entire tribe would become plagued in this mysterious ‘Blue Flu’. All except for you. While you were one of the scouts that entered the Vault, you had no signs of being or becoming sick. You were The Immune and you were the tribes only hope. The Chief of your tribe has appointed you with venturing out and investigating what is causing your tribe to fall ill, and if possible, find a cure. The tribe has only 66 days worth of food and medicine to survive. All the while, members of your tribe are dying. You must now go in search of answers, and find a way to save your tribe…….

Or fuck’em. What did your tribe ever do for you? Huh? Leave you out in the woods wearing nothing but loin cloths fighting Yao-Guai with sticks. A bunch of losers if you ask me. Listen, you don’t owe anybody nothin’. You got the whole world open to ya! You can do whatever you wanna do! Be whoever you wanna be! You wanna start up your own tribe? Whatever. You wanna build a chem empire? Go for it! You wanna rule this world with an iron fist! You can do it. It’s up to you! All you gotta do is reach out, and grab that Big Apple and SQUEEZE it for all its worth. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. So, what’re you gonna do?!

 Fallout: New York 

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