Planning a Fallout Binge While I am off Work

fallout 1 - Planning a Fallout Binge While I am off Work

Felt like sharing my plans to go on my yearly Fallout binge. I do this whenever I am off work for my extended vacation and this year I wanted to use my new Reddit account to share how I go all in on my favorite video game series of all time. I do things differently with each binge to keep things as interesting as possible so here is my plan for Fallout Binge 2019!

Fallout 1 and Fallout 2: I have played these games fully with each Fallout Binge (three times so far) but this year will be different. I won't be playing them this year and instead use the YouTube Channel ShoddyCast and watch The StoryTeller Fallout Lore Series to watch and listen to all the backstory leading up to the modern Fallout games. I do not like turn-based games but I gave exception to these two classics. However this year, I'm not really in the mood for this type of game and will instead ingest the lore and story through one of my favorite Fallout-based YouTube Channels.

Fallout New Vegas: I always do New Vegas before Fallout 3 because I like to smoothly transition from location to location. What I mean is that the first two took place on the West Coast and so does New Vegas so from my perspective it seems more natural to stay on the West Coast until Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76 move out East despite the difference that New Vegas takes place after Fallout 3. Also with my previous binge, I did just the Main Story and the DLC. This year it is all about the Main Game which includes the Main Story and as many side quests as I can find. No DLC for this year as I want to focus all my attention on everything that the Base Game has to offer.

Fallout 3: I had to take time to plan on how to tackle my favorite game ever made and this year I decided on a couple things. First is no fast travel! Next, is to use that no fast travel rule to explore as much as possible. Like New Vegas, Fallout 3 had a lot hidden in it's seemingly barren wasteland that I have still yet to find. Finally, I am going to do every DLC. With Fallout 3 I only played my favorite DLCs but this year it will be the Main Story, Side Quests, Exploration, and all the DLC.

Read:  Beating the final story quest solo at level 43 was the most fun I've had in this game.

Fallout 4: I rotate Factions each year with Fallout 4. Last year was The Minutemen and this year will be The Brotherhood of Steel. I will also do only my favorite DLC which are Far Harbor and Nuka World. I fast traveled a lot in Fallout 4 but this year I will do no fast traveling. I will also utilize Fallout 4's amazing use of console mods on Xbox One X and also use whatever Creation Club items I procured overtime. This includes new Power Armors, Graphical Tweaks, Weapons from previous games such as the 10mm Submachine gun and Chinese Assault Rifle, a silent protagonist mod, a full dialogue interface mod, and more.

Fallout 76: No way am I starting all over again. As the newest addition I will be doing a road to Level 100 play-through. I am currently Level 85 so there is only 15 more levels to go. I will rotate daily quests for each region so there are always ones on my list. There is new content in June with Nuclear Winter as well. Then there is just general exploration of areas and grinding public events that I haven't paid much attention to. All in all I should reach Level 100 in no time. Hopefully when Offline Play and Mods come out I will go back and do the Main Quest again in next year's binge.

So that's it. I know this is a very random post and I thank anyone that took the time to read it. I am a huge fan of Fallout and I just wanted to share with you all something that I do every year to celebrate what a great series this is.

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