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fallout 4 - Player made shelter missions

Hello, I play a decent amount of fallout 76 and one thing that would be great to see in the future is player made quests. The easiest way to implement this would be with shelters, and it wouldn't be super difficult. It could allow for a Fallout version of Super Mario Maker.

It would require a few things added to the shelter build mode:

Enemy spawn locations – place enemy spawn and choose enemy type, have a limited number of legendary enemies you can place per shelter.

Mission objective objects – holotape, keycard (pick these up to use elsewhere)

Mission objective furniture / characters – terminal, lever, hostage (interact with these to finish mission).

Stash boxes become normal containers, ability to place mission objectives inside

Ability to put mission objective objects on enemy – ie set enemy to have keycard

Ability to set enemy as mission objective – ie set enemy to be boss, objective passed when killed, mission passed when killed

Ability to set doors and containers to be opened with a particular item – ie holotape lock to terminal opening door, keycard lock to door, key lock to container.

Ability to set whether object is destructible – this would be useful for puzzles. Destructible objects would automatically be repaired at no cost when the player finishes and leaves the mission.

Ability to set trigger locations – place an area box and if player enters something happens – ie enemy spawns, door opens. Similarly have uplink switches – stay in an area for an amount of time to complete an objective.

Ability to set timers – enemy spawns a certain number of seconds after starting uplink, enemy spawns a certain number of seconds after entering trigger, door opens / closes certain number of seconds after entering trigger, door opens / closes certain number of seconds after killing enemy, etc.

Ability to place doors which allow loading into shelters in a location other than the entrance – ie Door 1, place this in one shelter, and place in another shelter and you enter and exit, and backtrack loading in at these spots rather than the shelter entrance. It would need to be set up so that you can only place 2 of each door over all shelters (in the example below there are only 2 of each type of door but all shelters have 3 doors)

– ie

-Shelter 1 Door 1 / Door 3 / Door 4,

– Shelter 2 Door 1 / Door 2 / Door 5

-Shelter 3 Door 2 / Door 3 / Door6

– Shelter 4 Door 4 / Door 5 / Door 6

Lootbox – a container you fill up with rewards, this could be set to give random rewards or specific rewards – ie fill up with 10 stable flux, 10 super stims and a weapon. Stable flux and stims could be set to always be rewarded, weapon could be set to be randomly rewarded. The lootbox itself could be set to visible or the items could be set to automatically reward upon mission completion.

Radio beacon, sets mission to be public, private team, personal test or off – mission would come up on map with an event symbol. The radio beacon would also have an option to set a timer for the mission – ie 5 minute completion time required.

Essentially, you place a bunch of enemy spawn points, put down some objective objects – ie put keys in a desk, put a keycard on an enemy. Set up some doors / barriers to interact with the objectives.

Then place mission objective furniture / characters ie a terminal that will shutdown with a holotape, a hostage locked in a jail cell, etc. These would be the end point of the mission and interacting with them would finish the mission.


The idea is the mission objects / objectives are simple so they could be quite easily added to shelter building – for example, a keycard and keycard door lock these two things only work together, holotape and holotape terminal same deal. This way no scripting is really needed, everything has a predefined function, but you can still have some variation and set it up so its not just a straight path. When linking things, ie an enemy to spawn with an area trigger, or an enemy to spawn with an uplink station it would be similar to linking wires to power poles in build mode.

Finishing the mission would reward the player items from the lootbox as set by the mission maker, and also give the mission maker some kind of reward to entice the creation of such missions. eg the reward could be 500 caps, or 30 scrip, or 5 gold bullion.

The mission would cease to be public when the lootbox is emptied or the radio beacon is turned off.

It would be possible for the mission maker to play there own mission by setting the radio beacon to personal test. When doing a personal test you can get xp once a day for killing enemies, after that test, any further tests within 24hours won't give you xp. This would be to stop xp farming. An option would come up when setting the radio beacon for xp or no xp test, so you don't waste xp when checking something for 10 seconds.

When setting a mission to be public or private you can choose the mission theme – this would just be what comes up in the event box – for example "Raiders have taken hostages in underground shelter, help free them", or "Shelter mainframe has been hacked, help reboot the mainframe and security systems", or "A science experiment has gone wrong, creatures have overrun the vault and need to be exterminated". I'd have these also as predefined options instead of players writing the event brief so Bethesda wouldn't need to police the mission text. You also wouldn't lose junk on death to avoid trap dungeons taking loot.

The number of enemies you could place would be based on shelter budget, so there would be a reason to have more shelters; more shelters = more parts to mission = more enemies overall. For example, you could have 30 enemies per shelter, so if you have 4 shelters you get access to 120 enemy spawns (if limited to 30 per shelter).

The number of legendary enemies would be limited in a similar way, such as 6 stars per shelter, ie 2x 3 star legendary enemies per shelter, or 3x 2 star legendary enemies, or 6x 1 star legendary enemies (so you could do 1x 3 star, 1x 2 star and 1x 1 star).

The guiding ideas here are:

Player made content with rewards – it would provide a limitless supply of new missions for players.

Simple systems that can be implemented into the shelter building

Community building – people trying out other players missions, building missions, contests and just generally more movement between camps other than trading. Actually checking out other shelters. It would also generate Bethesda quite a bit of money in atom sales as people would want to have extra shelters in order to make their missions complex and have more enemies.

Hope someone could be bothered reading all of that and thinks this is a good idea.

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