Playing Fallout 4 as Jack from the Mass Effect series

fallout 8 - Playing Fallout 4 as Jack from the Mass Effect series

While watching the trailer The Outer Worlds, I noticed that one of the voice actresses in it (the one playing "Ellie") appears to be Courtenay Taylor, aka the

on Fallout 4. As it happens, I'd also recently finished replaying the Mass Effect trilogy, where Taylor voiced

"the psychotic biotic."

A thought struck me: Why not re-do Fallout 4 with a female Sole Survivor who *is* Jack from Mass Effect? Ordinarily, I think the fact that the game used voice actors for the main character was a terrible mistake that should never be repeated in another Fallout fame, but I thought this *might* be the one scenario where it could really pay off.

So, over the weekend I did just that: Started up a new game, designed the avatar to look like Jack from Mass Effect (Shaved head, large eyes, full lips, roundish face), had her wear the "harness" outfit, which looks like Jack's cargo pants n' leather top ensemble, downloaded a tattoo mod, and stuck to always using the sarcastic, mean or angry dialogue. Alas, there's no way to give the Sole Survivor biotic powers (Well, that I know of — If anybody can recommend a mod available on the Xbone, I'm listening.)


At times, it worked beautifully. Having the Sole Survivor being interviewed by Piper and making her message to the Commonwealth that we must find our enemies and make them pay sounded like some lost Mass Effect scene where Jack is interviewed by Diane Allers. And, yes, you can get Codsworth to address the Sole Survivor as "Miss Jack."

At other times, though… As always, the Sole Survivor is obligated to begin the game as a happily-married suburbanite and doting parent, which is really, really far removed from the character of Jack. Contrived a scenario where in an alternate universe an Army officer named Shepard rescued a female career criminal named "Jack" from an illegal prison/extortion racket and they eventually got together. Jack tries to go straight for Shepard and has his kid, only to lose them both after the bombs drop and the family goes inside the vault. She emerges boiling with rage at the world and determined to never be hurt again.

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And then there's the question of the factions. No idea what I'm going to do there since there's just no option to complete the game for "stubborn loner who doesn't want to orders from anyone." I'll probably just never do the main questline. It's not like finishing it changes anything significantly anyway.

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