Please Bethesda Let’s make a deal for stability

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Please Bethesda Let's make a deal for stability

I just LOVE this freaking game with all my heart.

I, being in the software development field as Enterprise/Applications Architect, I know what a grand accomplishment this is to provide an application with this level of complexity and countless working parts. No one has the right to take away the credit that the teams deserve in getting the Fallout 76 community to this point. Released a little early… ok, that has been discussed to death and the community has moved forward.

It's been quite a while since the game has been released and many changes have been made. All of us as a group can understand that great efforts have been made to make Fallout 76 all it can be. Fallout 76 devs have cleverly amused us with the Easter eggs and other content that has really made this game, "our" game. Additionally a real community has been built with the latest items like the camp vending. I can't thank them enough for this welcomed feature. One other change that really made a big difference is the ability to provide separation of the players that have different goals. These being the PVP and the PVE players.

Players are settling in and the game is now getting to it's "baked" state. I also think this is why we are starting to see many new players and those that stopped playing are coming back. People I meet in game and chat with are definitely showing they are happier than in prior months.

The item that has prompted me to write this is related to game stability. We have had MANY releases/or patches where we can play for hours and have absolutely no issues. Sure there were some of the known logic errors but these were items that didn't interfere with that duration of play and enjoyment. We might have thought… "Really, why has this not yet been fixed…" etc, but we were able to continue playing and may even not remember that "hiccup" later because it was just that.

On the other hand, knowing that we just had a version that was to our above definition of stable, and to have a patch/change applied where we completely lost that stability is disheartening. Last night I played for about an hour and I spent more time rebooting and restarting my system than actually playing. It was at that point I had to walk away from the computer. Both me and my buddies were crashing multiple times so it was not just my machine/setup. None of us have the same hardware or windows major versions so I have to assume it's not just any one person's machine.


I don't think I'm alone when I'm asking for Bethesda to …

  • First stop providing new content and focus on the stability of the systems
  • Prioritize issues based on customer problems that are permanent to us.

For example…

  • Items that loose legendary star traits
  • Using an Atom purchased paint drops stars

  • Create the DESPERATELY needed support tools for your customer support teams
    • We are so tired of every single ticket be responded to as "Customer support does not have the tools to …."
  • Fix the issues that the Pre-Order people have. All of us, supported Bethesda before the product was release and paid more than the others did for it! Examples of issues pre-order people are having are …
    • Carry weight is about 200 lbs less than similar players with the same perks.
    • Can't complete challenges because we can't discover areas ALREADY discovered!!

  • Write a character fixer process that can fix common character issues without making users create tickets

I'm hoping readers of this will vote this topic up stating that we are willing to patiently wait for new content in trade for the stability desired for our beloved Fallout 76.

As stated in interviews people are playing Fallout games LONG after release. Bethesda as a group have frankly the best game ever created. When we care deeply about it, players stick around and complain and/or praise. If they don't love it, they just leave as it's not worth their efforts. I think its known how much we LOVE Fallout 76 as evident by the commotion had since the release.

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