Please make this game less about RNG, more about merit rewards

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Please make this game less about RNG, more about merit rewards

You did it with gold bullion – merit based, you put in the work, you get the rewards you want.

You aren't able to do the work every day, or are more casual? You still get the rewards, just later.

Please institute this system across the board. More focused RNG.

Legendary scrip should allow you to re-roll a specific trait on a specific weapon. This means you aren't working hard for something completely and utterly random – you at least get to choose which item it is on, and which trait you are trying to replace.

Use event currencies for ALL seasonal events – let's use Fasnacht Bucks as an example – awarded for each time you complete the parade. Add a vendor so instead of relying on what is frankly a broken RNG system, you can earn towards and get the items you want, based on the time you are willing to spend. I've done over 200 parades – ONE rare mask. I have a friend who has done a similar amount of parades – 6 rare masks. The maximum possible number of parades as a non-Fallout 1st member to date is 384 if you have run every single parade every hour since May 27th.

Make rewards merit and effort based, not luck based. So many parts of the game work this way, please apply those same smart principles to your other events and game mechanics.


*Edit* Wow, this got a lot of traction, and my first (and second!) award ever. Thanks! I agree with many of you that other things also need to change in conjunction with the above things I have proposed – namely, a better endgame. I think some of this is already coming with the proposed Wasteland One system that has been described, meaning content will scale with level much better. Things like a chat system, item for item trading, better trading mechanisms overall, removal of arbitrary limits like a maximum number of caps or daily limits on scrip scrapping all would need to be in place as well to make this work right.

*Edit 2* A great middle ground that a lot of people have discussed – being able to use legendary modules to craft ANY weapon in the same way we do for gauss and secret service, randomized 1-3 star. Better, using 1/2/3 legendary module to craft 1/2/3 star versions. I think this, coupled with a removal of the scrip scrap limit, meaning you can scrap all legendaries and have no legendary scrip limit (currently at 1000), and have the number of legendary modules per day limited to 10 or 20 or 30 or whatever seems good for balance (30 would allow 10 3* builds per day). However, doing this would require wiping all legendary modules currently out there out, as they have been HEAVILY duped (talked to a guy who has 1200+ from duping them). But this would keep RNG with the ability to pick at least the item type you want.

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