Please reconsider the treatment of guns in this game. RE: Inside The Vault

fallout 5 - Please reconsider the treatment of guns in this game. RE: Inside The Vault

So like many others I like to think I was excited to see some much needed buffs to certain firearms in Wastelanders. Maybe some tweaks to perks like Rifle weight reduction, etc. But then I got to thinking about how different the guns function versus Fallout 4.

"At Bethesda Game Days, we mentioned that we want to make all regions of Appalachia engaging for characters of all levels in the future, and that is where we will plan to focus our balancing efforts."

This is… unfortunate. Bloodied and Junkies is leagues above everything else, Explosives in general leave a lot to be desired as well as Semi-Auto rifles and pistols. If you want to use one without sneak or VATS, good luck. It's not a matter of aim or needing to "get gud" I hit my shots and generally on the head.

The guns in this game compared to Fallout 4 is night and day. Somehow the weapons got worse, probably due to PvP being a factor. But now they've realized that the main attraction to Fallout is definitely not PvP, maybe they can revert the 76 changes to make the gunplay feel better.

Specifically what I'm talking about in changes go as follows (as far as I know):

Fire Rate: If you've used automatics you'll notice this one. *Almost* a blanket nerf, for example the Combat Rifle, Pipe Gun, Assault Rifle, Laser Rifle and many more went from 90, 127, 113, and 113 in respectively in Fallout 4 go to 75, 75, 75, and 91 respectively in 76. Yes, I know the Faster Fire Rate Legendary prefix exists, Simple fix is reducing damage by 10-15% (being offset by Bloody Mess) or reducing reload speed by the same amount Ground Pounder buffs.


Magazine Size: The Combat Rifle, Pipe Gun, Assault Rifle and Handmade Rifle (Not Laser Rifle because the magazine size is basically the same so good on Bethesda) we see the standard sized magazines for these guns as in Fallout 4 go from 20, 24, 30, 30 respectively to 20, 12, 20, 30 in Fallout 76. And we see the large magazines go from 40, 48, 80, 75 to 25, 18, 25, 30. I said the 24 round magazine for the Pipe gun is standard but there is the 12 round magazine as well.

This one confuses me as it slows down gameplay to force you to reload more. Not good in my opinion as the Fire Rate has also been nerfed. It makes the game slow. Ammo isn't an issue for me anyway as a 25% FFR Auto rifle user and even if it were, so? Might make me consider actually buying ammo off other players or vendors, there's a cap sink too.

Mods: Receivers, barrels, grips, and even sights have been removed from Fallout 76 that were previously in 4.

Perks: A flat 40% damage was removed off all weapons and I don't think that it's inherently bad. *But* on top of all of the previous changes?

Not confirmed and might be placebo: I also *feel* like reloading takes longer in 76 with Semi-Auto and Automatic Rifles as well as Pistols. Not entirely against this but the smaller Mag size and Fire Rate kills the feel.

As far as melee, it's the best it's ever been in Fallout with perks like Incisor, Martial Artist, etc. I think it's in a good place.

Shouldn't we go up in terms of quality? I agree people shouldn't step out of Vault 76 and be all "Gun Nut"s but this is the guns themselves. Would really like to hear people's opinions on this. I welcome conversation and let me know if I missed anything or had any typos 🙂

Edit: I’m on PC. Also Shotguns how could I forget. I know guns are really good with god roll legendaries but every weapon is.

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