Please, we’re begging you, no new content until day one bugs are fixed.

fallout 8 - Please, we're begging you, no new content until day one bugs are fixed.

Everytime a new update rolls around, bug fixes are MINIMAL at best. You give us new content that breaks a multitude of things but won't take the time to, I don't know, fix the fast travel bug?

We report, make posts, send messages and stay frustrated. We stay as loyal to the game as we can because we love it, and you know that. Show us some love and take the time to actually fix the bugs and exploits. Please, we've stuck through it all. Give us a little love back here.

Your Battle Royal mode hasn't been touched since Wastelanders dropped. In November, I made a lengthy post that blew up a bit. It showed you how many people adore the game mode. We're still here. We're still waiting.

Here's a comprehensive NW bug line up that I spent days gathering with help from an incredible amount of passionate players.

  • Broken Kill Feed – issue started when map voting launched.
  • Players with the new consoles load in about 7 seconds before players with SSDs. Players with SSDs load in about 15 seconds before player with the Xbox ones/ps4s. This is a major problem. As the later you spawn in the less loot available and the more likely someone is standing there staring at your invisible body, waiting to shoot you the moment they can.
  • Quick Wheel entirely busted (especially after last update) – won't let you move things, doesn't show anything on spawn (unless you favorite & unfavorite an item), and pulling up the entire menu rarely works now.
    • Weapons will show up incorrectly on the quick wheel (only if it's broke off spawn)
  • Gun still auto fires after being revived (shoot and reload to fix)
  • Adrenaline is broken
  • A multitude of audio bugs: audio sticks around after a player dies, specifically the 50 cal, plays audio stays in an area where they shoot (even when they've moved elsewhere)
  • Hacking the red terminal in Mama Dolces can cause the player to get stuck hacking and perma die from radiation.
  • Players fall through the map repeatedly until perma death.
  • Players get stuck in numerous places throughout the maps, I between bushes & fences, underneath stairs, in rocks, in between small barriers.
  • Crashing on Spawn
  • Crashing in lobby
  • Random crashing when engaging in a gun fight
  • Crashing when downed
  • Aiming down sights bug – get locked in an ADS position until you reload. Causes the player to walk extremely slow as well.
  • Redicles show up red, but shots do not actually connect. Switching between weapons fixes this
  • Weapons come unreloaded out of the crate.
  • Spawn boxes are delayed by up to 15 seconds. Must hit X to transfer repeatedly until it shows up.
  • Entire items do not render in the game, ie cars, tables, tents, etc.
  • M79 grenade launcher will wither be silent or sound like a sniper.
  • Red dot doesn't show up for players shooting grenade launchers & snipers.
  • Guns will jam. Completely not fire, even if magazine is loaded. Must sway weapons and force reload to get it to work again.
  • Power armor will randomly be "invisible" on a player. Not entirely invisible but approximately only 10% visible. Making it nearly impossible to find and shoot them.
  • Stealth boys will randomly stop working immediately after taking it.
  • AI health regents immediately after being shot.
  • Healthbars show incorrectly. Will show some dead, some revive health will stay full even though it's not, some health bars won't show at all. (dead health bar in lobby at times as well)
  • Team members get removed from team if they leave before the leader.
  • Over zealous stim animation when running melee. A 2 second animation where the player shanks there knee everytime they stim is non-ideal.
  • Players can glitch though buildings still using various methods.
  • Ammo exploit, can give a much larger magainze than allowed.
  • Potential exploit – permanent briefcase spawn at Arktos (when on the Morgantown map) usually spawns two of them.

Qualtiy of Life improvements are beyond over due as well.


The Gauss shotgun is the most over powered item in the game. It can one tap anyone with full perks and you've still got 7 shots left before a reload. It should only have 1 shot per magazine, just like the rifle. I also firmly believe it should be a terminal weapon. It's creates a disgusting imbalance in the game.

VATS should not be available in this mode at all. VATS nades are a horrendous addition to a battle royal. AIs (without health regen) are pointless as well when VATS is so readily available.

The only dots on the map you should be able to identify are that of your team. When players are able to see everyone on the map it leads to the same players being targeted over and over again. By spawn positions and nukes. Eliminating the identity of individual dots on the map will enhance people's gaming experience 10 fold.

Static items that serve no purpose in the game contribute to the lag. We don't need a tricycle sitting in the middle of the road. I'd even push to have vehicles removed as the explosion creates large lag spikes.

We need new maps. Two maps, one that no one votes for because of its immense size, is just not enough. It's past due to launch more maps. Not just one, then wait a year and half. Give us multiple.

Add new weapons to the game. Specifically weapons that keep getting new atomic shops skins. It sucks immensely that we can't smack people in NW with a rose wrench bouquet.

Treat NW like it should be, a separate game mode. Do not update NW with adventure changes unless you're absolutely sure it'd be beneficial to the mode. For example, the new pip boy menu. NW does not need more tabs. We need less. It takes long enough to scroll through it all already. Remove the new tab in NW, remove all other tabs that do not pertain to NW at all.

If you want to profit off NW players as well, give us specific updates to the atomic show. We love our skins. Give us specific skins (wood, Scout & marine armor skins). When you give us rewards & skins for armor like leather & metal, it sucks. As we literally cannot use it.

Add a Stat tracking system. We all would like to know how much of our lives we've put into the mode. How many kills we have. What our KD is. Maybe even our nemesis (who we kill the most & who kills us the

Give us something to do with our overseer tickets. I, myself, am sitting on nearly 1000 tickets and have every single card unlocked. Perhaps give us the option to buy NW lunchboxes or double xp bottle caps to be used.

Now, this one is a bit of a stretch, but I'm already this far. It'd be really amazing to see a NW score card. Give it NW specific rewards. Like mentioned above, double xp bottle caps that we can activate in NW. Specific skins tailored to the mode. Add adventure items but make them minimal. Things like trophies, NW "franchised" camp items. Etc.

We absolutely love this mode, but we want more, understably. Listen to us, really hear what we're saying. You have a truly unique battle royal here. It has so much untapped potential. Let's tap into it.

I'd like to extend a thank you to every single member of the community who helped me compile this bug list, gave me new ideas to put forth, and for just being all around amazing people. I won't individually mention as this post has turned into a novel. However, I will give every single player an award on their original comment. You guys are the real MVPs. Thank you for everything.

Much love, MadamxMurderess.

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