PLS Beth – Daily Challenges and Atomic Shop

fallout 8 - PLS Beth - Daily Challenges and Atomic Shop

tl;dr Pls Beth, give the daily Challenges and Atomic Shop a little more sanity, care and love.


All in all i think that the dailys become more and more ridiculous lately. I mean i get the point that they force it a litte bit so we buy precious atoms, make them rare somewhat BUT…

It's not only that if you have a Job, family etc. – there is only a few hours you might spare in the game. And in fact – the daily challenges should be something to keep you playing in the long run.

And not being forced depending hours of server hopping the get THAT event or random encounter done. Or the ridiculous stuff like "Take a snap of a rad toad licking a deathclaw which hugs a sbq while intoxicated with Rum Rogers Reserve while diseased and wear a Clowns Outfit while another player takes a snap of you. By night" i mean…come on. Also to force players to team up (or at least to make it optional – solo or team) in some kind of way, without a proper ingame solution by contact/interact with each other (emotes are not a solution at all as some are without mic/muted, not depending on a third platform or for PC as extern mod) is plain awful.

To add something – i get all folks which respond often like "oh my god they gift us nothing at all for free boo-hoo". But it's not about crying for free stuff i see it more than a tiny thank you for holding on, especially to those who survived the, lets call it "rocky" start and issues in the past months, and a tiny goodie to keep the game alive in long term.


Also all those not working and bugged challenges – some even since beta. I mean it just seems a little bit careless. The locations bug (Grafton Damm, Clarksburg, almost the whole Mire/Bog..), the "get the last shot on SBQ to check" and so many more, not to mention the pioneer scout badges lately. I mean…seriously?Never tought that the masters of enviromental storytelling don't take enough care.

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What i ask my self – wouldn't it be a much easier/flawless move of beth to just give us players stuff which we want/need/would use? Stuff that will make the Atom Shop makes more "kaching" than murmghs scrip machines?

Hell… give the PA Users something worth buying – themed faction paints, sweet 50s hot rod paints, for all our raiders at heart a few other optics with rust, spikes, blood stains etc. There are so many options, so many finger licking paint and set ideas – just in this reddit alone.

"whaddaya say? – you're not that into PAs because you want a pretty, nice and clean CAMP? No – more a shabby raider style shack?" It's endless – what about a log cabin walls? Just a bunch of different Walls at all – Inside/outside, clean or shabby. Maybe a vault module set like in the fo4 add-on. I could do that all day long and i can't get it why beth take the hard way.

Sorry for the long post, rant somekind, but i've had to get that of my chest.

Edit: OUTFITS! Heck… Forgot them to mention. But also the same – sooooom many ideas and sooooo many atoms to spend without any kind of soft restriction.

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