Possible ages of Sole Survivor and Companions?

fallout 1 - Possible ages of Sole Survivor and Companions?

So I'm always so curious about the ages of my companions and the Sole Survivor. A lot of these characters don't really have canon ages so it's kind of fun to go through and try to find them or any clues that might hint to their ages. So I decided to look at a few companions (minus Strong, Deacon, and X6-88) and the sole survivor, their stories, how it would work in21st century America to try and find their ages!

A lot of these are mostly just my personal opinion and interpretation so please don't nail me to a cross.

  • Cait – I'm pretty sure this is a canon age, as it's cited on the Wiki on her background. At 18 she was sold into slavery, she bought her freedom at 23, and that gives her three years to kill her parents and get addicted to psycho. Therefore, Cait is 26 years old.
  • Codsworth – Assuming that he was only powered on for a few months before the bombs went off, Codsworth is about 210 years old, and still never learned how to polish rust 🙁 Codsworth is 210 years old.
  • Curie – Most Vaults had been finished by 2063, The bombs fell in 2077. So that gives us a 14-year gap. Curie finished Vault 81's mission in 2204, so we know she was active long before then. So, with some of the leeway taken into consideration… Curie is anywhere between 224 and 210 years old.
  • Danse – The earliest evidence of a synth that could easily pass as a human was in Diamond City in 2229, though, that resulted in the Broken Mask incident. However, going from the way Danse talks about Elder Lyons, I doubt he was in ranking under Sarah Lyons, and Maxson is mentioned in Fallout New Vegas, putting him into power around 2280-2281. So I'd say that Danse has been alive around 9 years, however, appears to be physically aged in his late twenties or early thirties.
  • Robert Joseph "RJ" MacCready – MacCready is another canonly aged character. He was born in 2265, was mayor of Little Lamplight for roughly 7 – 9 years. Traveled with his wife Lucy and their son Duncan, while running with the Gunners. Until Lucy was murdered. By 2287, he's working as a hired gun. Therefore, MacCready is 22 years old.
  • Nick Valentine – Despite Nick being pre-war, I'm not going to include that part of his life, as I feel like there is a distinct difference between 21st century Nick and 23rd century Nick. However, in the Far Harbor DLC, we can see that Nick is over 100 years old.
  • Piper Wright – This is where my bias comes in heavily. I've always felt bad about instigating a relationship with Piper because I've always seen her to be in her late teens. It's hard to pinpoint her age, as her backstory is the type that's very vague and very specific. So while I headcanon Piper to be around 17 or 19, Piper has no canon age and I can't figure it out for the life of me.
  • Preston Garvey – Preston joined the Minutemen when he was 17 years old. It's heavily implied that he served under Hollis for several years before the Quincy massacre. Preston mentions General Becker- who died in 2282. So we can assume that Preston Garvey was under Becker's order. If Preston served at least one year under Becker- Preston is at least 22 years old.
  • John Hancock – Hancock and McDonough are brothers who have been fighting since 2282. Hancock was the younger brother of McDonough, However, my main point really follows on how you view Fahrenheit. If you view Fahrenheit as Hancock's daughter, then he is easily in his 40s or maybe even his early 50s. However, if you view Fahrenheit as Hancock's lover or simple bodyguard, then he can easily be in his 30s. So I would say that Hancock is in his late 30s to early 50s.
  • Dogmeat – Dogmeat is such a good boy. And personally, I like to think he's about 6 because my dog is about 6 and he is also a good boy.
  • Nora – Assuming that Nora graduated high school at 18 and went directly to get her ungradaduate- she would need 4 years worth of schooling. From there, let's say she'd go directly to law school, adding another 3 years of school. By the time Nora finished with school, she would be 25. Assuming she went directly from law school into pregnancy, and factor in pregnancy and maternity leave, Nora is about 26 whenever the game begins.
  • Nate – Assuming Nate went directly from high school to the military- possibly influenced by pro-military influences in 2066 as Anchorage began- he would need to take both basic and advanced training. Basic training can take 10 weeks, and advanced training can take up to 52 weeks. Together, it's a little over a year. An average active duty term can last up to 6 years. So Nate is about 25 whenever the game begins.

I easily could have missed someone while I was making these. So if you feel that I have gotten some information wrong or that I'm just looking into things too much feel free to tell me 🙂 As I said, I was always just curious and wanted to see how my game and interpretations line up with canon!


Cait is 26 years old
Codsworth is 210
Curie is 224 – 210
Danse is 9
MacCready is 22
Nick is 100+
I can't find Piper but HC her to be around 19
Preston is at least 22
Hancock is late 30s-early 50s
Dogmeat is HC around 6
Nora is 26
Nate is 25

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