Possible exploits that need fixing before release

fallout 4 - Possible exploits that need fixing before release

ok im hoping we can add and draw attention to this list of things that need fixing.

  1. being able to log out and instantly into another server

    ok this is clearly an easy exploit i find power armour i grab it i log out and log in to a new server and another new set of power armour with a fusion core. Note this can also be a pain in the ass as well, say you just claimed a workshop and spent 15 mins building everything up and then your internet goes down well say ye bye to your time, caps and resources. also rip in the end game if you get d/c after setting off a nuke.

  2. workshop crafting exploit to level fast


so workshops cost 25 caps to claim and give u a load of free resources to build stuff, if you build loads of cheap stuff you can level really fast i tested this in the beta and well i went from the end of level 9 midway through level 11 in a maximum of 15 mins. i then logged out and did it on another server and another just to test. not only did this create and UNHOLY cancer of items but the next poor sod that has to claim that is gona have to scrap everything 1 by 1…. behold the cancer i have created (sorry for potato quality) https://imgur.com/a/bpRi5NW

  1. The Thief

someone who steals all your junk and stores (possibly using the stash box you built) it and then gets there friend to kill them to keep caps in the group. really there needs to be a time on stolen stuff so it cant be stored for at least 5-10 real world minutes

Thats the list of exploits i can see being big problems early game


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