[Possible Spoilers] After time digesting the first BETA, what ended up better than you thought?

fallout 7 - [Possible Spoilers] After time digesting the first BETA, what ended up better than you thought?

For me, it has to be the dark and ominous tone of the game. I was worried without NPC's and with such pretty scenery it would end up being the most cheery fallout ever.

So far, it seems like it may be one of the darkest. Granted, I've only heard a handful of holotapes… But so far, it's delightfully, and disturbingly dark.

  • I'm sure Colonels story is the first we all heard. The kid who was a jerkwad and regrets everything he's ever done, and seemed to blame himself a bit for his family dying when the bombs drop. To repent he specialized in taking care of kids. He's ded af now of course.

  • Then there's the responder in the fridge who died pleading for help, screaming, terrified, and suffering. He sends his captor (?) to his stash to bargain his release. In his stash is a gun, ammo, and a log, saying the gun was a reminder to himself that he would choose how he would die.. He didn't want to die suffering, afraid, alone… Exactly how he died.

  • Then without accidentally spoiling anything… There's the small details on the overseer's computer. What she needs to do, and who she's specifically to disregard for Vault Tech. Yeah, vague… I don't even want to bother with spoiler tags and potentially screw a small point which may be huge at the end of the story.

There was a few others, but I had an audio bug and had to stop listening to the ones I picked up. But so far, those two really stood out, and I'm sure there's plenty more to be found.

Again, this game is just a little too pretty for a fallout game. It makes sense as it's in the middle of nowhere opposed to a major city.. But the dark stories make up for that. And there's just some unsettling and ominous overtone that seems to be everywhere to me, which I really enjoy.


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