Possibly the worst jump-scare I’ve ever had in my gaming life

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Possibly the worst jump-scare I've ever had in my gaming life

I was exploring this little farmhouse just south of Watoga with a bunch of mirelurks roaming around. I picked them all off and was quietly lurking, harvesting some cranberries in the little bog behind the house, enjoying the sunny day and the sound of bugs chirping in the grass.

I thought I was totally clear, and all of a sudden a mirelurk queen roars out of the ground directly in front of me and I felt like I just got sucker punched or electrocuted. I threw my mouse out of my hand with a reflexive blocking motion over my face and when I came to my senses a second later my character is scooting backwards against a berm with the view pointed up at the sky. I was so flustered I fired a random shot into the air while grabbing my mouse and accidentally went out of sneak mode trying to get my bearings. I actually laughed about myself, in that I had the reptile-brained instincts to press S and back away (so hard that my middle fingertip actually hurts) while simultaneously shielding my face from digital horror. In hindsight, it was hilarious. If anyone was there with me, they would have peed themselves laughing so hard.

Apparently I jumped back in my chair and made enough noise throwing the mouse for my wife to check in on me. She looked at me like I was a crazy person while I stammered on about queens and cranberries while mashing L-mouse as quickly as possible to kill this wretched creature.

I've played Silent Hill, Resident Evil and other horror games and never lost my shit like that. Somehow Bethesda inadvertently made the scariest encounter in all of my gaming life by interrupting a peaceful cranberry harvest on a beautiful sunny day with abject terror erupting from the ground. Good job!

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