Presenting my lazy melee tank end game build!

fallout 6 - Presenting my lazy melee tank end game build!

I am a lazy person when playing this game and don't like to deal with: stealth, power armor, ammo, buffs, food/drink, radiation, repairs, carry weight, fall damage, healing, junk, bloodied, and other every day things most people deal with. Just run in and whack them, is all. So here is my setup where those things are mostly irrelevant.


Few videos of clearing end game content

Defense: I don't remember last time I cared about or even looked at my HP, I could go afk next to Earle and never die. Thanks to Born Survivor & 1 piece of auto-stim, stimpacks are used automatically, dealing with the animation is gone, and the stimpacks heal the whole team. I don't use PA and so for nuke zones I used to use the Chinese Stealth Suit, but even that is not really needed, just go in raw maybe pop a few radaway now and then. It helps when others on the team also have the Empath mutation, that makes the biggest difference to damage taken I would say, but it's not necessary. Dodgy is good now.

Offense: One-shot most small things, for big things like SBQ & Earle there is Taking One For The Team (+40% damage for everybody) and Tenderizer (+10% damage for everybody). I'm not sure how aggro works in this game but have found that being in their face smacking them will generally result in them smacking back, so you can tank them MMO style and trigger the perks.


For gear you really want one of the top unarmed weapons (power fist, mole miner/deathclaw/gauntlet), swing speed is a must, and ideally vampiric, with strength added. I unfortunately don't have a vampiric weapon, and this all works without it as well. Armor effects should be 2x fall damage reduction, 1 auto-stim, and 1 AP regen, strength as much as possible (you want 30+ overall at least). Secret service provides the most resistances so go with that, I have about 500 of each or so, tried the poison resist legendary perk but found my 1 piece providing 25 resist to be enough. Secret service underarmor as well. Any fire or explosion doesn't even budge the HP. The only annoying thing left is the stagger which can be fixed with a chest mod, but I'm not giving up the jet pack.

You really want to be on a team 100% of the time, even if just by yourself, no reason not to it's just bonuses all around. No problem soloing anything in game with this build, but make sure you're on a team. Chemist mod on backpack to make stimpacks weight 0.1, I never have to buy them just loot them and sell down to about 100 when I have the chance. Only repair with Queen's repair kits once a week. That's it, once you are set up you can literally just run around and whack things turning this into an arcade hack&slash game with invulnerability!

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